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More and more cosmetic brands want to go away from animal sourced ingredients and have requested that brush manufacturers look at alternatives — such as chemically tipped polyester filaments, commonly called taklon. With DuPont™ Natrafil®, brush manufacturer can meet the needs of cosmetic brands and bring the possibility of distinctiveness in powder brushes.

Natrafil® provides brush manufacturers and one stop suppliers with a distinct offering:

Versus animal hair
  • More reliability in terms of supply, quality, price
  • Consistent quality meets specifications
  • Easier to handle any disagreement regarding quality
  • MSDS simplifies paperwork for OEM/brand requirements
  • FDA compliance
  • No need for sterilization, which eliminates 1 step in production process
  • Available in different cutpiece length, which minimizes waste of hair during production
  • Open new doors to more automation in production process

Versus other synthetic filaments
  • No compromise in powder brush performance
  • Tested and proven to work in terms of pick up and release properties
Natrafil® provides brush manufacturers and one stop suppliers with support:
DuPont supports you in your efforts of promoting brushes made with Natrafil® filaments. To get information on our hangtag licensing program and to get free stickers to tag your brushes, » More
Natrafil® offering
Click here to download a PDF of the current Natrafil® product range.
Try Natrafil® filaments, available in a variety of length, diameter and colors