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'Collaboration Sparks Inspiration'
Insight Stems from Roundtable Sponsored by DuPont at
MakeUp in Paris

While the artistic director brings life to the imagined, collaboration throughout the industry is critical to develop the tools that are needed. This was one of several insights emerging from a roundtable session, sponsored by DuPont™ Natrafil® Filaments, with leading artistic directors during MakeUp in Paris, a showcase event that brings together the European cosmetics industry

Dany Sanz, Isabelle Pain, Max Herlant, Fred Farrugia, Damien Dufresne and Nicolas Degennes at the MakeUp In
Picture by:  Cédric Mion, 

“Our suppliers, may it be in raw materials, tools or packs, are crucial," said Dany Sanz, founder and artistic director of Make Up For Ever in the session exploring the role of an artistic director, led by Aurélien Michel, editor in chief of MUP magazine. "Artistic creation by itself is not enough if you haven’t made sure that the rest of the teams are behind you.” 

Throughout the discussion, it was clear that an artistic director is a brand ambassador closely involved with each of the professions linked to the make up industry. Their involvement helps to create a synergy between teams and respond to brand challenges. Their role, among others, is to respond to consumer requirements and to ensure brand identity and vision. An artistic director imagines what does not yet exist, while taking into account technologies and formulas already available. Calling upon an artistic director’s expertise can lead the brand to another level of development.

It is with this mindset that DuPont developed its cosmetic filament Natrafil®, according to Sarah Perreard, DuPont™ Natrafil® product manager.

Natrafil® filaments offer a wide range of performance and the artistic director’s role is crucial in helping determine the specifications of the filament or blend of filaments — whether it is related to brush stiffness, density, softness, precision, size, pick up and release performance, and suitability to the formula.

”The synergy between artistic directors and suppliers makes it possible to optimize development of the final product," said Perreard. "Working closely with high profile brands, and the professional make up artist supports the development of cosmetic brushes that meet specifications of the brands and are adapted to brand make up formulas."

DuPont sponsored the June roundtable that brought together the six artistic directors; Dany Sanz (Make Up For Ever), Isabelle Pain (Rouge Baiser, Deborah, Farevacolor), Max Herlant (Rexam), Fred Farrugia (Fred Farugia), Damien Dufresne (Amore Pacific), and Nicolas Degennes (Givenchy). “Given their extended knowledge of the make up industry, artistic directors are essential to the development of the cosmetic brushes of tomorrow," said Perreard.

At the end of the conference, the artistic directors were presented with a personalized kit of six brushes made with Natrafil®, developed in collaboration with HCT especially for the event. Natrafil® filaments were invented by DuPont as an alternative to natural hair in cosmetic brushes. Its patented technology replicates a structure capable of picking up the most volatile formulas on the surface of the filament, resulting in optimum precision and uniform distribution.

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