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For the First Time in the U.S., Introducing adesign brushes’ Natrafil® Makeup Brush Collection from Anisa International & DuPont

New York, NY (March 21, 2012) — While new formulas and combinations are often tested and implemented in cosmetic products, it is rare to see true innovations in the world of cosmetic tools. However, as most makeup artists know all too well, updates to applicators can change the world of beauty and impact industry professionals and consumers alike. Enter Natrafil®, a joint effort between renowned makeup artistry tool manufacturer Anisa International and DuPont, a global science company offering innovative products and services that has revolutionized makeup brushes for years to come.

“For years, I have tried to find a way to make natural makeup brushes more affordable for women everywhere without sacrificing performance and quality. Through this partnership with DuPont, Anisa International was able to not only create an inexpensive, synthetic alternative that feels and behaves like real hair, but also to develop the brushes themselves with adjusted heads to better fit the contours of the face. For me, this brush collection represents the ultimate design in form, application and function,” says Anisa Telwar, Founder & CEO of Anisa International, Inc.
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Natrafil® 8-Piece Collection

The DuPont™ Natrafil® patented technology provides the look and feel of real hair, with the added benefits of a synthetic material. The development process included taking cues from real industry professionals, beauty experts and consumers, allowing the finished product to be a direct result of the needs of the marketplace. The goal of Anisa International is to create a pipeline for customers and professionals to provide feedback for further product innovations in the future, allowing the brand to stay ahead of current trends and to truly meet the desires of those that use the product.

What are the Benefits of Natrafil®?

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 Natrafil® has the appearance and texture of natural hair with additional features that make the launch of this brush line a truly groundbreaking event in the beauty industry. Not only is the cost more affordable for the everyday woman, but the issues common with synthetic brushes are nonexistent. “As a makeup artist, I have tried many different sets of brushes over the years. I have never come across a synthetic brush that has such similar pick up and application to natural hair. Through our efforts to create a product that delivers on all fronts, we have actually exceeded our own expectations,” says Shana King, Makeup Artist & Beauty Director at Anisa International.

Sarah Perreard, Product Manager at DuPont adds, “Feedback confirms that Natrafil® facilitates the pick-up of the most difficult formulas — whether powdery, oily or liquid, for a more precise application and cleaner makeup effect, as the formula is released only upon skin contact. Natrafil® filaments are very durable, do not absorb liquids and the fibers are not damaged by cleaning, even every day, making it a material of choice for professionals and consumers alike.”

Anisa International’s partnership with DuPont, a prestigious company with a rich, storied past, is very exciting for us because our central values are largely the same. Both businesses are dedicated to sustainability and innovation, and that is why we are bringing Natrafil® to the consumer, a product that is the first of its kind in the U.S. We hope to provide to women everywhere the high quality of makeup brushes that reflect and meet their needs,” says Anisa.

The Natrafil® Collection Product Description:

  • 8-piece collection including a sleek clutch for transport
  • Revolutionary patented fiber called Natrafil® gives the pick-up and deposit of a natural fiber without the breakage and fallout
  • Contains the following brushes:

              Cover Brush
                -  Best for loose and pressed powders
                -  Apply bronzers where sun naturally hits
                -  Also good for natural and lightweight application of cheek products

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          Define Brush
                -  Perfect for liquid based emollient products, tinted moisturizers and even face masks
                -  Brush fans out on skin for flawless coverage

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          Accent Brush
                -  Used to apply highlighting and illuminating powder to brow bone and cheeks
                -  Versatile and can be used with powder and liquid based products
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              Highlighting Brush
                -  Unique shape adds pop of color to brow bone
                -  Sets concealer under eye area

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              Contour Brush
                -  Dense head provides control
                -  Adds depth and dimension to crease area

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              Buff Brush
                -  Flat surface of brush sets product
                -  Try using under eye to penetrate product

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              Blend Brush
                -  Perfect balance between stiffness and softness
                -  Use to blend all eyeshadows or in crease of eye

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              Smudge Brush
                -  Fine tip brush, great for detail
                -  Use to soften pencil and lip liner

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Introducing: The Concurve Brush

Made using Natrafil® fibers, the Concurve is an eye makeup brush that is actually designed for that specific purpose. Shaped expertly to fit the contours of the eyelid and brow, this brush makes makeup application easier, faster and more precise. Its patented design allows for expert eyeliner application and its shape is unlike any other brush currently on the market. Professional makeup artists agree that this is the solution that consumers have been waiting for, a true enhancement to everyday application.

Product Features:

  • Made with 100% Natrafil® for superior pick up and deposit
  • Multi-purpose brush head that can be used to create highlighting and contouring effects
    to the brow bone and eyelid area
  • Easy to clean, does not smudge
  • Fibers were specifically chosen to pair with top industry trends in eye product formulas
  • Retail Cost: $10.00
  • Sold at

Application Tips:

  • For basic liner application, apply product to entire surface of brush tip and press into lash
    line; by using a flip technique, the liner provides application in two easy steps
  • To create a liner, sweep on the outer corner of the eye, continue applying product and
    then sweep product onto the outer corner of the eye
  • To produce an intense smoky eye, blend liner product to the lash line and then smudge
    upwards towards the crease of the eye
  • For highlighting, use the tip of the brush to apply a light shadow to the brow bone

Inventor of the Concurve, professional makeup artist Christina Cole, notes: “Not only does this brush apply makeup easier and faster than what’s on the market today, it can replace up to several eye brushes, cutting your time allotted for getting ready in half. I like to pair the Concurve with the All-Over brush because it allows me to apply any foundation quickly and use the Concurve brush for more detailed work such as liner, brow highlighting, and accenting the lid or brow.”

About adesign brushes

adesign is the consumer brand and product incubator for Anisa International, the leading global designer and manufacturer of makeup artistry tools, founded by Anisa Telwar. The brand was initially established in 2006 by makeup artists for makeup artists, but has expanded to cater to the everyday woman’s needs when it comes to cosmetic tools. The company eventually grew into a community for collaboration with makeup artists and consumers. adesign’s approach to development is a team effort, as the brand engages beauty experts and consumers throughout the process, and the end result is a product that is unparalleled in terms of meeting the needs of the industry. In this way, adesign is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of cosmetic tools by introducing new and exciting shapes and textures, making them superior in terms of performance, head shape, function, and design.

With utility and beauty top of mind for all the brand’s inventions, adesign is able to remain ahead of the curve in product creation. The company also owns and operates its own manufacturing plant, allowing a level of control and speed to market that has been largely unrivaled in the cosmetic world. adesign also shows a strong commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices, creating a culture in which new ideas can come to be while maintaining ethical and charitable conditions.

About Anisa International, Inc.

Anisa International, Inc. is the premier global designer and manufacturer of makeup artistry tools, including professional, promotional, cosmetic brushes, with fashion forward packaging and accessories. Through cutting-edge, creative research and development, responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices and open interactive dialogue with its customers, Anisa International is constantly reinventing itself and the global beauty category.

Founded in 1992 by Anisa Telwar, the company serves as the source of concept development and innovation for the beauty industry. By combining truly inspired and creative design with the highest standards of production and quality, Anisa International meets the most pressing demands of both brands and consumers today across mass, masstige and prestige brands: highquality, cost-effective tools that deliver superior performance and are socially sound.

For more information about Anisa International and adesign brushes, to request Natrafil® 8-Piece Collection or the Concurve Brush product samples or to speak with Anisa Telwar, please contact:

Gina Conforti
KMR Communications, Inc.
(212) 213-6444