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Anisa International, Cover FX and DuPont Filaments Partner for First Consumer Launch of Innovative Synthetic Fiber Cosmetic Brushes

Brushes feature DuPont™ Natrafil® fibers, which mimic performance of natural hair without bristle fall-out

ATLANTA (October 8, 2012) – A revolutionary set of cosmetic brushes featuring the DuPont™ Natrafil® fiber is now available thanks to a collaboration among Anisa International, DuPont Filaments (DuPont) and Cover FX. In this industry-shaping partnership, Anisa International developed blends of Natrafil® fibers with DuPont and designed and manufactured state-of-the-art brushes for a new Cover FX line now available. The Cover FX Powder Brush and Cream Foundation Brush featuring 50 percent Natrafil® launched today in 145 Sephora stores across the U.S.

“The incredible Natrafil® test results demonstrate excellent powder pick-up and release, proving that makeup artists, and now consumers, won’t have to compromise on performance when opting for synthetic fiber over animal hair,” said Anisa Telwar, president and founder of Anisa International. “For retailers, the reliable supply chain ensures that our clients have a consistent, dependable product that is delivered on time.”

Innovation and a commitment to R&D led the partnership between Anisa International and DuPont.

“Anisa International is committed to leading – not following – beauty industry trends,” said Sarah Perreard of DuPont Filaments. “The cooperation between the two teams was one of unrivalled professionalism and attention to detail, resulting in innovative tools for consumers and makeup artists that will be brought to the market by Cover FX.”

Synthetic brushes are not new to the market, but industry professionals have been slow to adopt them for powder applications due to performance and product waste issues. As a result, nearly 95 percent of powder brushes on the market are animal hair, which collects and releases powder with precision due to its natural scaling. With this in mind, the team at DuPont developed Natrafil®, a specially treated fiber that mimics the performance of animal hair without bristle fall-out.

DuPont surveyed 50 makeup artists using Natrafil® brushes from adesign—Anisa International’s product incubator line. The majority of these makeup artists found the Natrafil® brushes performed better than traditional animal hair brushes, with 53 percent reporting a more uniform application, 53 percent reporting better release and 59 percent reporting better pick-up.

“The revolutionary brush technology pairs perfectly with our new high-performance products, and the opportunity to be first to market is truly exciting,” said Sharon Collier, CEO of Cover FX. “Our company has always been a leader in delivering innovative, effective products, so this partnership with DuPont and Anisa is a great complement to our brand's relaunch this Fall.”

About Anisa International, Inc.

Anisa International, Inc. is the beauty industry’s leading global cosmetic brush, bag and accessory design and manufacturing company. Founded in 1992, the Company is committed to providing its clients with innovative product design, socially responsible manufacturing, expert education, and marketing support to ensure creation of the best cosmetic brushes and beauty accessories on the market today. Information about Anisa International, Inc. is available at

About Cover FX

Cover FX, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, develops, markets and distributes cosmetic products featuring full-coverage, healthy formulations in a global shade palette. The authority on healthy foundation, Cover FX's range is designed to match every skin tone and be safe for use on even the most sensitive skin. Cover FX products are available at, at leading North American retailers including Sephora, Sephora inside JCPenney, Shoppers Drug Mart, and The Bay; in the UK at Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser; and at and In addition, Cover FX is preferred by professional makeup artists in print, runway and film for the superior coverage and wearability it provides. For further information on Cover FX, please visit

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DuPont Cosmetic Solutions brings "The miracles of science™" of DuPont to the world of beauty. Fostering collaboration focused on technology and consumer insight. Its primary aim is to develop new and differentiated cosmetic solutions that meet brand owners’ and designers’ needs for innovation while enhancing the consumer experience.

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