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DuPont™ Natrafil® Filaments and Anisa International Present the
City Kabuki Collection Designed by Aurélien Michel

GENEVA, Jan. 17, 2012 — DuPont Cosmetic Solutions (DuPont), Anisa International Inc. and MUP magazine present the City Kabuki Collection, a set of three brushes born of professional affinities and inspired by three architectural landmarks — the 30 St Mary Axe in London, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. The kabuki brush, manufactured by brush designer Anisa International with DuPont™ Natrafil® filaments, is specifically intended for a perfect face complexion makeup, and was conceived as a limited edition of 200 kits.

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  • The London Foundation kabuki
    Bushier than a traditional foundation brush, the London Foundation ensures a flawless and homogenous application of liquid and compact textures. Its medium-stiff filaments unify the skin, spread and blend formulas. Its elongated shape, inspired by Norman Foster's 30 St Mary Axe, adopts the shapes of the face for perfectly unified and natural skin.
  • The Shanghai Powder kabuki
    Its perfectly domed shape was specifically developed to pick up powder with a maximum surface area while ensuring a light application of the powder thanks to its moderated ratio of Natrafil® filaments. Round, dense and generous, the Shanghai Powder can be used with loose as well as pressed powders.
  • The Dubai Precise Blush kabuki
    The ferrule of the Dubai Precise Blush has been developed to achieve a precise application of powder blush meant to structure the face. Its tuft, designed in a rounded angle from the ferrule to the tip enables modulation of the effects, and the higher ratio of Natrafil® filaments ensures a homogenous application.


Innovation Born of a Beautiful Encounter

Led and initiated by Aurélien Michel, editor in chief of MUP magazine, the project was meant to push the limits of each partner’s expertise. “Since 2010, I followed the development of the new DuPont™ Natrafil® filament with interest. The creation of this synthetic fiber, which offers the performance of natural hair, represents major progress for our industry, of which only DuPont masters the know-how,” explains Aurélien Michel. “Anisa, led by a constant thirst to innovate in brush making, demonstrated its agility to handle Natrafil® filaments, taking the challenge to create new shapes of ferrules like the one of the Dubai Precise Blush.” The kabuki collection is presented in a unique pack, developed by HLP Kleaford, where the kabukis are revealed on one side through the shape of the brush and on the other side of the pack through the shape of the building. “HLP joined the project and demonstrated that the collection can only really shine once it is brought together,” adds Michel.

Inspiration Sparked by Collaboration

“You can never innovate and master the result of the brush as well as when there is a true collaboration between all creators of a product,” reports Sarah Perreard, product manager for DuPont™ Natrafil®. “Working closely with the development team at Anisa Int. plant in Tianjin has allowed for the creation of some unique blends, some of which are used in the City Kabuki Collection, and having a specific and challenging goal for design, feel and performance pushed our limits to find creative solutions to technical constraints.”

“As designers and product developers, we were inspired by the creativity that Aurélien Michel brought forward in the original concept as well as the incredible versatility and performance of DuPont™ Natrafil® filaments. This was a true collaboration across all elements of the design and production process," highlights Anisa Telwar, president of Anisa International, Inc.

This activity was yet another successful collaboration between Anisa Int. and DuPont, who worked together on blend creation and most recently on the adesign brushes. Distributed to 50 makeup artists at the event, MakeUp in Paris last June, and fine-tuned thanks to the user feedback, the adesign brushes will be launched in February.

Connecting with makeup artists is a crucial part of the brush development process which DuPont and Anisa International are committed to. MUP has been a partner of choice for both DuPont and Anisa International who have been collaborating since the magazine’s launch.

Anisa International Inc. is the premier global designer and manufacturer of makeup artistry tools. Through cutting-edge, creative R&D, responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices and open interactive dialogue with its customers, Anisa International is continuously reinventing itself and the global beauty category.

HLP, HIP LIP Packaging Products was created in 1969. Specialized in transparent custom made packaging in PET, PP and PVC, HLP uses cutting-edge printing, decorative and conversion technologies, making it the world leader in this sector.

Created in December 2009, the quarterly edition of MUP, the magazine of makeup and nail design, has imposed itself as a reference for makeup and beauty professionals in France. As of January 2012, the new edition of MUP can be found exclusively on

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DuPont™ Natrafil® filament is an innovation in terms of makeup application. Its microstructured surface picks up even the most volatile formulas and releases them only on skin contact, allowing for greater precision and uniform distribution.

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