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Looking for the perfect eyebrows thanks to KelleyBakerBrows® brush made with DuPont™ Natrafil®

"Eyebrows frame the face and, if they're done right, can make anyone look amazing. Correctly groomed brows can give an instant lift and keeps a person looking gorgeous without expensive medical treatments," says brows specialist Kelley Baker, who just launched a two side brush made with DuPont™ Natrafil®.

Precision and easiness thanks to DuPont™ Natrafil®

Click for hi-res photo  Thanks to Natrafil® properties, the powder is picked up and applied to the eyebrows in an easy and precise way. “Since Natrafil® filaments make powders less volatile, there is no need to “tap off” loose particles that would otherwise drop messy specks onto the face.” confirms Baker. 
The defined angle tip is thin and stiff enough to press powder into place.  The powder picks up from the container easily and applies to the eyebrows creating a natural or manicured brow, depending on the desired look.

Tips from an expert in brows shaping…

Baker uses the Natrafil® Angle Brush to apply eyebrow powder and the twisted brush side to brush hairs into place.  The thin angle brush makes it easy to create an arch or fill-in sparse areas. Creating an arch is simple with this brush. The firm yet gentle bristles make it easy to sweep the powder against the hairs, creating the desired shape. If too much powder is applied just flip over the brush and use the spooly end to soften the color into the hair creating a natural look. To fill-in, Baker uses the precise thin angle tip to press powder into place. Each stroke gives the appearance of brow hair and several strokes pressed side-by-side will line up to appear as natural hairs. This technique works well to fill in over-tweezed eyebrows. “Filling-in” between eyebrows gives a more balance and symmetry to ones face.


Click for hi-res photo

KelleyBakerBrows® new Angle brush made with Natrafil® is distributed at KelleyBakerBrows® salon in Venice, California as well as Baker’s website:

About Kelley Baker

Kelley Baker has been perfecting brows for nearly a decade. Baker started off with Damone Roberts, training as his very first ”brow diva” in Beverly Hills. Three years later she branched out on her own and landed in Venice, California. Baker soon became known as the westside girl for brows. After working on Abbot Kinney for six years she recently opened her flagship eyebrow boutique. She is happiest creating perfect arches for her loyal and patient. Since her start she has been profiled in many popular media publications including People, Daily Candy, Causal Living, Allure, etc. Baker has also been named City Search Los Angeles’ 2008 Best Eyebrow Shaping Audience winner as well as 2009 Best of the MYFOXLA HOTLIST winner.