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DuPont™ Natrafil® Filaments and adesign Brushes Highlight the Collaborative Development of Unique Cosmetic Brushes

PARIS, Sept. 12, 2011 — DuPont Performance Polymers and adesign Brushes by Anisa International, Inc. are working together on the development of five new cosmetic brushes made with DuPont™ Natrafil® filaments. DuPont and adesign are committed to bring new fibers to the beauty industry in an effort to provide synthetic alternatives to natural hair, while improving overall make-up application. This collaboration between a brand and its supplier is critical in the development of the perfect brush.

The brushes were distributed during the MakeUp in Paris exhibition in Paris in June. The kit included a lip brush, an eyeliner brush, a buffer brush, and a small and large eyeshadow brush. The brushes were tested by 50 professional makeup artists.

Promising Feedback

Survey results confirmed that Natrafil® filaments offer high performance compared to common synthetic filaments. In addition, Natrafil® filaments also offer equal to superior performance to natural hair. Makeup artists observed a higher pick up (59 percent) and release (53 percent) of the formula when using Natrafil® brushes. More than half also noted a more uniform and even application with the brushes made with Natrafil® compared to animal hair. Seventy one percent of makeup artists confirm that powders are less volatile when applied with Natrafil® filaments, allowing for less powder to fall under the eye. The ease of cleaning is also an important aspect of makeup brushes. Fifty-nine percent felt that the brushes made with Natrafil® dried more quickly and 61 percent said the brushes do not need to be reshaped when compared to natural hair brushes.

Brushes Made with Natrafil® Ease Application

Makeup artists work with various brands and types of makeup. Testing the adesign prototypes make it possible to discover other characteristics of DuPont™ Natrafil® filament, such as the ability to improve the application of challenging makeup formulations, such as bio formulas. Bio makeup is usually more difficult to apply, as it does not contain synthetic pigments and silicones, explains Dasha Grozdanic, makeup artist and creator of Green Makeup blog. The brush application performance is, thus, even more important when it comes to applying challenging formulas. “When using brushes made with Natrafil® filaments, you can apply any creamy formula in a uniform fashion without streaks, which is critical when working in high definition for TV or photo shoots,” said Grozdanic. “When using powders, brushes made with Natrafil® allow for the absorption of the right quantity of product and blending is extremely easy.”

Following the first phase of tests, adesign is ready to integrate the feedback from the makeup artists into the final phase of brush development. The makeup artist’s feedback has been critical in accessing the functionality of the brushes. adesign will be able to adapt and optimize the brushes before the launch planned for 2012. 

The star of the makeup kit is the big eye shadow brush with its angled shape that was unanimously applauded by all makeup artists. Several changes will be made to the four other brushes based on both the makeup artist survey as well as additional field research. “The adesign Brush line has always been our research and development brand,” states Anisa Telwar, president of Anisa International, Inc., and adesign Brushes. “We are thrilled to partner with DuPont as a way to get feedback on the use of Natrafil® fibers and how they are used within each individual brush.”

Natrafil® filaments offer a broad range of performance, including stiffness, density, precision, length, pick up and release performance, coverage. “The ability to adapt to any brand directive is one of the advantages of Natrafil®,” said Sarah Perreard, DuPont™ Natrafil® product manager. “Natrafil® filaments allow a freedom in development that makes it a unique material”.

adesign ( specializes in professional cosmetic brushes and accessories. adesign is uniquely positioned to offer clients a true partnership in insightful product development and manufacturing, which in turn creates the highest quality, most cost effective and creative product choices for both makeup artists and private label customers.

For over a decade, Anisa International, Inc. ( has been committed to becoming a premier supplier of cosmetic brushes and accessories to customers around the world. Anisa International’s aim is to provide clients with strategic marketing and design guidance, a rapid sampling and manufacturing process, and product choices of the highest quality to meet customers’ ever-changing needs.

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