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By connecting science and technology from across the company, DuPont has become a leading supplier of electronic and advanced display materials. DuPont offers a broad portfolio of ceramic, flexible and rigid organic circuit materials, materials for semiconductor fabrication and packaging. DuPont also provides a wide range of products targeted to the fast growing display industry, enabling the manufacture of advanced OLED, LCD, PDP displays and more.

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DuPont offers a wide range of products for LCDs, PDPs and OLEDs. » More
Semiconductor fabrication materials
DuPont offers one of the broadest portfolios of semiconductor fabrication materials and FAB equipment and support systems for one of today's smallest, yet most significant products — Semiconductors. » More
Semiconductor packaging and circuit materials
DuPont offers a broad array of semiconductor packaging & circuit materials used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, flexible/rigid-flex circuits, thick film hybrids, semiconductor packages, modules and MEMS. » More