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DuPont New Zealand celebrates 30 year milestone

The DuPont New Zealand team at their Manukau office

The DuPont New Zealand team at their Manukau office

In three decades characterised by safety, sustainability and business success, DuPont New Zealand marked a double milestone on 1 November, celebrating 30 years of operations and an enviable 30 years without a lost workday case (LWC).

 With DuPont products having had a presence in New Zealand since the 1950s via distributor Neill, Cropper & Co, DuPont New Zealand was not officially established until 25 years later, commencing operations in 1979 in Auckland, NZ’s largest city.

DuPont New Zealand was initially represented by all the major divisions including Explosives, Crop protection, P&IP, Chemicals and Pigments, Fibres and  Engineering Polymers.

DuPont New Zealand demonstrated an early commitment to sustainability that has left a lasting legacy. In the late 1980s, following the donation of Escort® herbicide to help eradicate Japanese honeysuckle growing out of control on the open sanctuary island, Tiri Tiri Matangi, DuPont NZ became a major sponsor of work to regenerate native trees and fauna. This lead to the successful establishment of a rare and endangered native bird species, the flightless Takahe, and saw DuPont New Zealand win a DuPont Global Environmental Respect Award in 1991.

‘Despite it small size, relative geographic isolation and distance from DuPont manufacturing plants, DuPont NZ has made a valuable contribution to the company over these last 30 years,’ said DuPont Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, Hutch Ranck.