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New DuPont™ Altacor® and Coragen® receive New Zealand Registrations

Kiwi farmers to Benefit from Management of Costly Insect Pests.
AUCKLAND, November 2008

DuPont has received registration approvals from the the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinarians Management group (ACVM) and the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) for DuPont™ Altacor® and DuPont™ Coragen®, two new insecticides that offer growers long-lasting control of a wide range of important pests.

Altacor® and Coragen® are powered by DuPont™ Rynaxypyr®, a new breakthrough mode of action insecticide that delivers fast-acting and long-lasting protection to help growers achieve high-quality, high-yielding fruit and vegetable crops.

"These registrations for Altacor® and Coragen® mark the beginning of a new horizon in pest control for DuPont customers," said Mark Christie,  Country Manager -- DuPont Crop Protection.  "Over the next several years, DuPont will continue to reinvent itself in the agricultural marketplace.  Whether it's launching new products from our promising pipeline or developing new answers to the changing needs of today's growers, we are building momentum in our strategy to advance agriculture and give growers better answers faster than ever before."

With it's low toxicity to mammals and many other other non target species Rynaxypyr® has an outstanding environmental profile, making both Altacor® and Coragen® an excellent fit in integrated pest management programs.  The new technology provides highly effective control of target pest species at low use rates, but with minimal impact on beneficial species.

Registrations of these products is a key DuPont milestone in bringing the benefits of products based on Rynaxypr® to New Zealand fruit, vegetable producers.  The first sales of the new insecticide products were recorded in 2007 in the Philippines and Indonesia, and progress is being made on product registrations in many other countries.

Altacor®, a granular formulation is packed in specially designed 90gram foil satchets. It is registered for use in apples and pears.  Coragen® as a liquid formulation is registered for use on vegetable brassica crops including, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprout.

DuPont products have been marketed in Australia and New Zealand for more than 50 years. Today, DuPont ANZ employs 450 people across seven offices and sites. DuPont Crop Protection also provides science based solutions for the agriculture industries in Australia and New Zealand.

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