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Australia and New Zealand has launched a new series of briefings to be delivered nationally in major cities and industrial centres.

The DuPont Leadership Series briefings aim to help businesses create a safe, disciplined working environment and develop business strategies to operate more effectively.

Briefings are held at centrally located, well appointed conference facilities and will take place over breakfast to minimise disruption to your working day.


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October briefing - do you believe that all injuries can be prevented?...DuPont Leadership Series, Felt leadershipFelt Leadership at Work:
building a better safety culture & a more resilient business
Safety excellence is an ongoing journey requiring continual energy and impetus to start up and maintain. The key to success is felt leadership. 
Felt leadership starts at the top and is sustained by two core beliefs: firstly that leadership is not only about driving revenue and contributing to shareholder value but also about preserving and protecting an organisation’s most valuable resource – its employees. Often confronting is the second essential belief that all injuries can be prevented.

Do you believe that all injuries can be prevented?

This session examines the tenets of Felt Leadership and what it can do for you, your team and your business. Particular focus will be given to:

  • Felt Leadership in action: activities in which top management must be personally and visibly involved
  • Influencing behaviours: when to employ inspiration, agreement or enforcement
  • Felt leadership and the journey to excellence: to keep the journey top of mind requires a clear understanding of where the company is on the safety continuum

Date:  21 October 2009
Time:  7.30am to 9.00am with breakfast served
Venue: Duxton Room 3, Duxton Wellington Hotel,
 170 Wakefield Street, Wellington
For information about the venue,
 Cost:  $95.00

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