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DuPont businesses are aligned by market growth platforms to increase our speed and effectiveness in meeting customer needs.

DuPont Agriculture and Nutrition

Pioneer Hi-Bred International
DuPont Crop Protection
DuPont Nutrition & Health
DuPont Qualicon » More
DuPont Colour Technologies and Coatings
DuPont Performance Coatings
DuPont Titanium Technologies » More
DuPont Electronic and Communication Technologies
DuPont Displays
DuPont Electronic Technologies
DuPont Fluoroproducts
DuPont Imaging Technologies » More
DuPont Performance Materials
DuPont Engineering Polymers
DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers
(includes Polyester Resins, formerly part of Polyester)
DuPont Teijin Films
DuPont Performance Elastomers » More
DuPont Safety and Protection
DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems
DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise
DuPont Nonwovens
DuPont Personal Protection
DuPont Safety Resources
DuPont Surfaces » More