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DuPontâ„¢ Performance Coatings: A global player in automotive coatings


DuPont™ Performance Coatings was formed in March 1999 when Herberts GmbH and DuPont™ Automotive Finishes combined to create one of the world's largest automotive coatings company.
Today we continue to be the world's premier supplier of innovative paint materials for the automotive refinish industry and original equipment manufacturers.


 Global Leader

With innovative technology made possible by the science of DuPont™, a deep-rooted understanding of the coatings industry, and locations throughout the world, DuPont™ Performance Coatings is truly one of the world's largest players.
DuPont™ Performance Coatings in Australia comprises of Standox®, Spies Hecker®, DuPont Refinish® and DuPont™ Coating Solutions and forms a strong alliance of brands that users know and trust. This complete portfolio of brands enables us to offer our customers a solution that meets any automotive coating requirement.

Drawing on the our network of technologies and the highest quality standards within DuPont™ Performance Coatings internationally, our customers achieve optimum performance and productivity. This is supported by an international and local colour service, local sales and technical support, a comprehensive distribution network and local manufacturing facilities.


Standox® - a future built on tradition

Premium Quality

The early 1950s saw the beginning of Standox®, the great premium brand in vehicle refinishing. Today, Standox® products are used throughout the world and are recognised for their proven quality.

It's outstanding success stems from the brand's commitment to building effective, long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships with its customers. Standox® offers its partners a complete service to help them work safely and profitably. This is achieved through providing superior technology, premium quality products, specialist advice and ongoing support.


Premium Support & Service

Standox® field technicians draw on years of experience to bring specialised and proactive product and application advice to your business. And the excellent Standox® colour offering is fully supported by access to colour experts who can offer solutions for all your colour requirements.

Regular account support, training programs and facilitation to premium car manufacturers for global approvals are just some of the additional services provided by Standox®.


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Spies Hecker® - simply closer

Since entering the Australian market in 1985, Spies Hecker® has become one of the most important suppliers in the automotive refinish market through a comprehensive product and service offering.

Enhanced Productivity

Drawing on its European heritage, Spies Hecker® offers the latest product developments that focus on improving body shop productivity and efficiency.

In highly productive body shops (where time is money), Spies Hecker® understands the importance of efficient performance with perfect results.

To support the overall Spies Hecker® offering, a strong team of professionals in the field can fulfil your technical and product needs. Spies Hecker® also provides tailored solutions, such as e-business tools, access to advanced colour tools such as spectrophotometers and body shop management programs, to help you improve your business performance.


Spies Hecker® listens to customer needs and delivers solutions. The emphasis is on being 'simply closer' - on working with body shops to ensure their high quality workmanship and commercial success.


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DuPont Refinish® - innovative and versatile

DuPont Refinish® is a professional supplier of innovative and versatile refinish systems for the modern body shop.

Unique & Innovative Paint System for Passenger & Commercial Vehicles

The DuPont Refinish® product offering is based on a unique, multi-leg system. Centari® concentrated tinters can be used in combination with a series of binders to deliver all solvent-borne paint qualities for every type of job. In addition,
DuPont Imron® Fleetline has been developed specifically for the commercial vehicle market - offering heavy-duty quality for heavy-duty results.

Great Support

Regardless of which DuPont Refinish® system you use, the product is supported through an extensive distribution network that provides technical, colour and sales support on request. DuPont Refinish® complements this with an extensive national training program. DuPont Refinish® offers body shops a true 'value for money' automotive paint solution.


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DuPont™ Coating Solutions - automotive OEM & industrial coatings


DuPont™ Coating Solutions (DCS) develops and supplies high quality coating systems and tailored solutions to a range of industries and manufacturers.


Our position as the leading global supplier of technologically sophisticated coating solutions is further enhanced by local manufacturing facilities giving you increased confidence in all facets of supply chain management.


Specifically, our coatings include:

  • Automotive systems: DCS is one of the largest global suppliers of automotive OEM coatings to vehicle manufacturers and other tiered OEM suppliers.
  • Industrial coatings: DCS supplies mass produced industrial coatings to selected market segments.