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Oasis® 200TRT515

DuPont™ Oasis® 200TRT515 is a heat sealable composite film that is made using DuPont high tensile strength polyimide film and DuPont fluoropolymer designed to meet the light weight wire requirements of AS22759/80-92. 200TRT515 film has a unique balance of excellent electrical, thermal durability, and chemical resistance properties, including improved hydrolytic stability, that make it ideal for the next generation of aerospace wire designs.

200TRT515 film possesses excellent bonding characteristics to itself and to other fluoropolymer-containing materials, while providing low adhesion to metal conductors. These unique bonding characteristics should provide a wide operating window for producing modern composite wire insulations.

Processing of this material can be done on most wire taping standard polyimide films.


  • Aerospace Wire and Cable
    • airframe wires
    • hookup wires
    • general purpose aircraft wires
  • Bonding

Typical Properties

Property   Unit  Typical Value
Thickness  mil  2.0 
Density   g/cc  1.81
Tensile Strength   kpsi  20.0
Tensile Modulus  kpsi  400