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Environmental & Energy Management Consulting

There are many serious challenges facing the Oil & Gas industry today. DuPont can help you meet them with confidence. We offer tailor-made solutions that integrate environmental consulting services, sustainable energy strategies, and implementation of best practices in operational effectiveness and energy.

Environmental Management

Enabling clients to achieve their sustainability goals, effectively reduce their corporate environmental footprint and maximize the return on operating assets through:
  • Integrated environmental management systems
  • Environmental management competency development
  • Sustainability culture change models
Energy Efficiency
Helping clients achieve energy efficiency and cost reductions, and improve operating team capabilities through:
  • Decision-making and team building programs
  • Integrated energy management programs
  • Energy management competency development
  • Equipment, non-capital and information technology solutions
Sustainable Assets
Enabling clients to improve their project delivery and operating performance, through:
  • Proven best practices to improve asset productivity and reliablility
  • Improved delivery, timing and performance of capital projects
  • Team development
  • Improved project leadership capability