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Industrial Water Treatment

In the area of industrial water treatment, we offer solutions and technologies that aid in cleaning and sanitizing. These include:

DuPont™ Anthium Dioxcide®

This is a stabilized chlorine dioxide solution, with similar benefits to Chlorine Dioxide. It is a highly effective bactericide for smaller Oil and Gas field applications. DuPont™ Anthium Dioxcide® is also ideal for both brine and fresh water systems in the control and abatement of poisonous and corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) and the sulfate-reducing bacteria which occur in sub-surface injection wells.
DuPont™ Chlorine Dioxide
Produced on-site, DuPont™ Chlorine Dioxide is a selective oxidizer for biofilm treatment, mainly for water treatment facilities that are affiliated with a refinery or power/utilities plant. It is also a very effective biocide to control process water and waste water environmental issues associated with mill and process water. This solution can also be used effectively as a disinfectant, algaecide and oxidizer in influent process waters and waste waters.  
DuPont™ Particlear®
Our Particlear® has applications for the Oil & Gas industry as an advanced flocculation aide which helps to remove particulate matter from water and waste streams. It is produced on-site using a highly reliable DuPont™ Particlear® generator, which combines sodium silicate solution and carbon dioxide to form a Particlear® Solution.