Engineered Technology Solutions

To help tackle problems that are relevant to the Oil & Gas industry, DuPont Technololgy Solutions is exploring several areas and conducting trials in various specialized applications with a number of projects underway supported by our Research & Development facilities and technical teams.

We are putting our energy into increasing productivity & reliability in the following areas:

DuPont Abrasion & Wear Resistance

Abrasion and Wear Resistance

Our selection of industrial polymers go the distance to deliver what your operations require: premium end-use performance. » More
DuPont Antifouling
Antifouling and Cleaning
The oil and gas industry can’t afford downtime. That’s why DuPont offers a superior range of solutions to keep your operations running smoothly. » More
DuPont Chemical and Temperature Resistance
Chemical and Temperature Resistance
DuPont understands that resistance to high temperatures and harsh chemicals is critical. » More
DuPont Coatings
We offer a range of proven coating solutions that help you keep your equipment in peak condition. » More
DuPont Corrosion
Corrosion Resistance
DuPont helps keep the Oil & Gas industry up and running with proven solutions engineered to work hard to protect your investment. » More
DuPont Global Engineered
Global Engineered Solutions (GES) Service and Repair
DuPont offers comprehensive products and services which include training, engineering and lab services, as well as equipment fabrication and supply. » More
DuPont Metal
Metal Alternatives
Through DuPont’s advanced engineering and technology expertise we help your organization meet the challenges of the Oil & Gas Industry. » More
DuPont Well Productivity
Oil and Gas Well Productivity
DuPont offers a wide range of products to enhance well productivity. We have products that address stimulation additive needs, drilling fluid agents, surface tension reduction and bacterial control. » More
DuPont Pipe
Pipe Solutions
DuPont provides solutions for corrosion protection, flow assurance and cost effectiveness. Features include anti-stick coatings and additives for viscosity and drag reduction and cold properties improvement. » More
DuPont Scaling Solutions
Scaling Solutions
DuPont understands that scale control and prevention are critical to keeping production up and running properly. » More
DuPont Waterless
Waterless Fire Protection
DuPont offers a trusted choice in waterless fire suppression and is a clean agent fire extinguishant. » More
Industry Segments
High Performance Materials