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DuPont is trusted worldwide for our unique owner/operator experience, knowledge and technology. We have been running hazardous chemical plants successfully for over 200 years and can help you with customized solutions that integrate consulting services and implementation of best practices in operational effectiveness.

We are focused on delivering consulting solutions in three key areas:

Operations Risk Management

Operations Risk Management qualitatively and quantitatively assesses the variety of risks faced by operations. Our offering is an integrated management system that builds upon our proven safety-management model of technical safety to encompass process-safety management (PSM) and other operational risk management systems. It helps clients implement sustainable continuous-improvement processes to manage risk in each of seven key areas through assessing, envisioning and managing, planning and implementation.
Process Safety Management
Process Safety Management or PSM is the application of management systems and controls (programs, procedures, audits, evaluations) to a manufacturing or chemical process in a way that process hazards are identified, understood, and controlled, so that process-related injuries and incidents are prevent.
Sustainable Assets
Enabling clients to improve their project delivery and operating performance, through:
  • Proven best practices to improve asset productivity and reliablility
  • Improved delivery, timing and performance of capital projects
  • Team development
  • Improved project leadership capability
Industry Segments
High Performance Materials