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At DuPont, innovation and science are at the core of our ability to develop new technologies to meet today's challenges in Oil and Gas. Along the entire value chain, from Upstream through Midstream to Downstream, DuPont offers solutions that can improve performance to help maximize your productivity and minimize the risk to your assets, operations, your people and the environment.

Upstream Applications


In upstream operations, whether its related to exploration of oil and gas or during the production phase, DuPont is your technology partner.  We provide solutions designed to improve reliability & productivity without compromising on safety or the environment. » More
Midstream processing, storing, marketing and transportation.
Whether it's the transportation, storage or processing of crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGL's) or liquified natural gas (LNG), DuPont has innovative technologies and engineered solutions. » More
Today's challenges center around the reliability and productivity of downstream assets while ensuring compliance with increasing regulatory requirements and maintaining a strong focus on safety. DuPont provides solutions that can help. » More
Oil Sands
Oil Sands
DuPont is putting its energy to work to meet the unique challenges of the Canadian Oil Sands with a host of advanced and trusted in-situ, mining, refining and upgrading solutions – each designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability under the most challenging and extreme conditions. » More