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DuPont Australia Our Company
Congratulatiops to the following individuals and companies who were announced winners of the 2007/2008 DuPont Australia Innovation Awards on Friday 16 May.


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STOP PRESS: Australia National University wins Chariman's Award

EverettSecond Generation Sliver Technology
ARC Centre for Excellence for Solar Energy Systems, Australia National University
Mature SLIVER Technology, using our innovative cell handling, assembly, and electrical interconnection processes to form Raft SLIVER cell sub-modules could reduce PV module manufacturing costs by 60%, providing an economical, environmentally sustainable, renewable energy technology. Picture: Dr Vernie Everett, ANU

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Building Innovation Sponsored by Fletcher Building

Biolytix Sewage Treatment System
Biolytix Water Pty Ltd
Biolytix copies how nature works – Biomimicry - to treat sewage, wastewater, food scraps and sanitary items. The systems can be used for households, as well as networked for whole neighbourhoods. Picture: Biolytix' Dean Cameron, Jennifer Allen and sponsor, Jonathan Ling, MD, Fletcher Building

Medical and Healthcare Sponsored by Invetech

Sens (Speech Enhancing Noise Suppression Technology
Sensear Pty Ltd
Sensear SP1(x) allows you to freely communicate (unconnected) with other people in high noise environments, whilst also protecting your hearing and retaining awareness of your surroundings. Picture: Bob Denby, Non-Executive Chairman, Darren Deitz, National Sales Manager Australia/New Zealand, Greg Beale, Executive Director & VP Sales, Stephen Harrington, Chief Operations Officer (all Sensear Pty Ltd), sponsor, Paul Wright, CEO, Invetech, Justin Miller, MD & CEO, Sensear Pty Ltd

Sustainable Energy Sponsored by BHP Billiton

GridX Tri Generation System at Mirvac Vision Estate, Glenfield, NSW
GridX generates electricity from natural gas for Mirvac's Vision Estate, capturing the by-product of on-site generation to provide electricity, heating and cooling for buildings, delivering significant environmental benefits. Picture: Shamim Ahmad, Environment Manager and Colin Chambers, CEO, GridX, sponsor, Dr Megan Clark,  Vice President Technology, BHP Billiton

Sustainable Services Sponsored by WorleyParsons

WSPDriving sustainable outcomes through innovative online solutions
WSP Environmental
WSP Environmental's Online Solutions innovation is to provide the world's leading environmental regulatory advice service for the global electronics sector. Picture: Andrew Sweatman, John Cameron, Evan Davey and Kimberley Graham, WSP Environmental

Agriculture and Food Production Sponsored by Cargill Australia

CSRLOS + P Fertilizer
CSR Ethanol
LOS & P Fertilizer is the only registered fertliser made from an Ethanol by-product with an NPKS ratio that can replace granular fertilser in Australia & overseas that is recycled back into sugarcane production each year. It is a renewable fertiliser. Picture: David Parker, Agribusiness Manager CSR Ethanol, sponsor Ralph Selwood, Managing Director Cargill Australia, Gavin Hughes, Executive General Manager CSR Ethanol

Performance Materials Sponsored by Plantic Technologies

datatrace DNA21st Century Brand and IP Protection
DatatraceDNA is commercializing science developed by the CSIRO.  DatatraceDNA  is a molecular tracking and authentication system targeted at the newly emergent and  rapidly growing needs of industry for the protection of brands, industrial  products, & bulk materials and the control of product diversion. Picture: Angela Dean-Allen, Ian Allen, CEO DataDot Technology Ltd with sponsor, Brendan Morris, CEO Plantic Industries

Tertiary Student Award Sponsored by ABB

Jacqui kitchingDevelopment of New, Non-Steroidal Anti Asthma Drugs
Jacki Kitching, Research School of Chemistry, Australia National University
A series of non-steroidal agents have been discovered that have the potential to treat asthma and related inflammatory diseases. These act via a novel mechanism and avoid the adverse effects often associated with the use of steroids. Picture: sponsor, John Gaskell, Managing Director ABB Australia and Jacqui Kitching, Australia National University