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 Douglas J. Baker is Regional Operations Director for DuPont Canada. 

Douglas J. Baker
Regional Operations Director for DuPont Canada

Executive Biography

Douglas J. Baker is the Regional Operations Director for DuPont Canada.

Mr. Baker joined DuPont in 1980 as a Process Engineer at the Kingston, Ontario, manufacturing facility. While at the Kingston plant, he held a number of positions including Design Engineer, Research Scientist, Technical Marketing, Plant Technical Manager and Manufacturing Manager.

In 1998, Mr. Baker was assigned Industrial Nylon and Dacron® Business Manager for DuPont in Canada and relocated to Mississauga, Ontario.  Concurrently, he held the position of North American Industrial and Textile Nylon Six Sigma Champion.

In 2000, Mr. Baker relocated to Osaka, Japan, and was appointed Vice-President, Teijin – DuPont Nylon (TDN) – a joint venture between Teijin and DuPont for the manufacture, marketing and sale of Nylon fibre.  In 2001, Mr. Baker assumed the role of President, Representative Director of TDN.

In 2003, Mr. Baker relocated to Manchester, United Kingdom, taking on the role of Europe and Asia Business Director, DuPont Liquid Packaging Systems (Liqui-Box).   Mr. Baker assumed the role of Global Business Director in 2004 and repatriated to Canada.

In 2008, Mr. Baker was appointed North American Business Director, DuPont Building Innovations, relocating to Wilmington, Delaware.  This business includes well known products such as Corian®, Zodiaq® and Tyvek® HomeWrap.

Mr. Baker relocated to Canada in 2013 to assume his current role of Regional Operations Director, DuPont Canada.

Mr. Baker holds a B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.