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DuPont Outreach Program The DuPont Philosophy 
DuPont is committed to improving the quality of life and enhancing the vitality of the communities in which it operates throughout the world. Through financial contributions and the volunteer efforts of its employees, DuPont supports programs and organizations that address social address, economic success and environmental excellence - all vital components of community sustainability.

  • Social Progress - Increasing access to opportunity; helping children, youth and families; fostering understanding among community members;
  • Economic Success - Revitalizing neighborhoods, helping people achieve self-sufficiency; enhancing the quality of life;
  • Environmental Excellence - Providing leadership in enhancing and protecting the environment

Outreach Programs - DuPont Malaysia 
DuPont Malaysia has been involved in the local stakeholders through its various outreach programs funded through the DuPont Corporate Community Fund and Employee Volunteer Recognition Programs. Aligned with the DuPont global core value and philosophy, we fulfill our corporate social responsibilities by engaging in programs aimed at uplifting people's quality of life, providing scholarships for students, supporting young scientists, building homes for the poor among others.

DuPont Malaysia is involved in various outreach programs: