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Employee Credo

We, the people of DuPont, dedicate ourselves daily to the work of improving life on our planet.

We have the curiosity to go farther … the imagination to think bigger … the determination to try harder … and the conscience to care more.

Our solutions will be bold. We will answer the fundamental needs of the people we live with to ensure harmony, health and prosperity in the world.

Our methods will be our obsession. Our singular focus will be to serve humanity with the power of all the sciences available to us.

Our tools are our minds. We will encourage unconventional ideas, be daring in our thinking, and courageous in our actions. By sharing our knowledge and learning from each other and the markets we serve, we will solve problems in surprising and magnificent ways.

Our success will be ensured. We will be demanding of ourselves and work relentlessly to complete our tasks. Our achievements will create superior profit for our shareholders and ourselves.

Our principles are sacred. We will respect nature and living things, work safely, be gracious to one another and our partners, and each day we will leave for home with consciences clear and spirits soaring.