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Boys' Brigade Sharity Gift Box 2001 Program
Senior citizens at the Geylang East Home for the Aged enjoyed a lively Christmas party hosted by DuPont Singapore employees. The event was attended by Senior Minister of State, Prime Minister's Office, Matthias Yao Chih.

"We felt that the Geylang Home residents could be cheered up with a party," says Leah Goh, whose role was to encourage employee involvement in the "caring and sharing" event with the help of Michelle Tan, Roslina Bte Juri, Annie Bek and others.

The event capped DuPont Singapore's involvement in The Boys' Brigade Sharity Gift Box 2001 Program, which raises fund and items to help those in need. DuPont Singapore employees, customers, suppliers and others donated more than S$30,000 to the effort this year.

Senior Minister Yao said: "I'm glad that a company like DuPont has responded so positively, especially at a time of economic downturn. It is this act of support when the chips are down that can distinguish the good from the great."