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DuPont Singapore: Plant Facilities

Engineering Polymers Zytel® Site 

Location: Jurong Island (Pulau Sakra)

Employees: 80

Status: Opened in October 1995

Product: Zytel® nylon 6,6 resin in translucent cubes (2mm by 3mm) (Zytel® is a DuPont registered trademark)

Applications: Engineering plastic for automotive, electronics and appliance industries


Engineering Polymers Vespel® Site

Location: Tuas West Avenue


Status: Opened in July 2008

Product: Vespel® DF Parts & Shapes (Vespel® is a DuPont registered trademark)

Parts for Aerospace, Semicon, Transportation & diversified industries



Sales & Marketing Administrative Office, Singapore

Location: HarbourFront

Employees: 235