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Sci-fi and Fantasy Short Story Contest

To compliment and promote brand value of DuPont the miracles of science and corporate image of DuPont as a dynamic science company, Du Pont (Thailand) Limited had been the prime sponsor of Sci-fi and Fantasy Short Story Contest through the year 2004 – 2006. The project had been co-organized by The Nation Books International Co., Ltd. and the National Science and Technology Development Agency.

The objectives of this sponsorship project are:

  1. To inspire Thai people, especially Thai youth, to be creative and imaginative in all aspects of science, this is the foundation of scientific education and development.
  2. To develop and upgrade Thai sci-fi short story and novel to the same standard as those in other countries.
  3. To help showcase the work of talented sci-fi writers.
  4. To promote an environment of reading and writing in Thai society, which will be the foundation of national development.

The contest had been organized with different specific theme each year in responding to the trend and interest of Thai society such as “Thailand in 2057”, “Who did it?” – An investigative science theme, and “Sci-Trek: A Journey to Discovery”. Over 200 entries had been submitted each year from nationwide. The judging committee which comprising of many specialists from various branches had selected the best qualified stories and presented awards for the first, second and third prizes.

In addition, 15 stories that passed to the semi-final round of each year competition have been gathered for publishing into a pocket book.

The winners and committee had taken a picture at the Award Presentation Ceremony of the 3rd contest in 2006.