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Social Commitment
Enhancing People’s lives for a Sustainable Future
Through the DuPont philosophy, DuPont is committed to improving the quality of life and enhancing the vitality of the communities in which it operates throughout the world. Through financial contributions and the volunteer efforts of its employees, DuPont supports programs and organizations that address social progress, economic success and environmental excellence - all vital components of community sustainability.

In Thailand, DuPont has initiated a number of environmental, safety and health-related projects and has also been supporting education and science development in order to lead the Thai society into a better tomorrow.

These programs have been implemented to meet the needs of local communities and to align with DuPont core values, vision and mission. They have been granted with financial support from DuPont Community Fund (DCF) and through the partnership with local social communities such as universities, government ministries, schools, trade associations and NGO.

Some of DuPont’s Social Contribution Activities during 2002 - 2007 include: