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Thailand Innovation Day

Thailand Innovation Center Introduction

DuPont Thailand Innovation Center: The New Business of Innovation

DuPont Thailand Innovation Center is the first Innovation Center in the ASEAN region. Located in Chamchuri Square Building, Bangkok, the center aims to explore how inclusive innovation can fuel local collaborative efforts to foster an exchange of ideas, to improve efficiency and response, and to help customers and partners, government and other organizations get new solutions to market faster.

In the Collaboration Space, knowledge exchange and in-depth technological discussions take place among potential collaborators and our team of 9,500 scientists, engineers and chemists worldwide. This is where we expect more game-changing solutions to be nurtured and delivered.

In the Innovation Space, collaborative innovations focusing on the various industries’ needs demonstrating latest technology offerings, applications and industry trends are highlighted. This is where potential collaborators can visualize possible direction to meeting a specific industry need.

At DuPont Thailand Innovation Center, we connect with a network of 100 research laboratories and application development centers across the globe to create sustainable solutions to meet the critical needs of our customers/partners. Real-time collaboration at the center, between our scientists and customers/partners, makes innovative solutions and increased speed to market for consumers possible now.

As the ASEAN population grows to become the third largest after China and India, there is a greater need for food, energy and protection. This ASEAN development runs in line with our global mega trends on increasing food production, protecting people and the environment, and decrease dependence on fossil fuels. DuPont Thailand Innovation Center leads the way in the region in its collaborative and innovative efforts to respond to these needs and opportunities arising from Thailand and around the region.

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