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DuPont established its business in Vietnam in 1994 when it first launched the crop protection products. Since then, DuPont has expanded its operation and business bringing in more high-quality raw materials products for supplying to local manufacturing customers in many key industries in Vietnam including agriculture, footwear, cookware, packaging and industrial polymer, automobile, construction, refrigeration and safety. Currently, DuPont has two legal entities in Vietnam - Du Pont Far East Inc. and Du Pont Vietnam Limited.

Our products and services are the result of our research and the knowledge we have gathered from more than two centuries of continuous operation around the world. The key to the company’s success during these major transformations has been its steadfast adherence to its core values of safety, health, environmental stewardship, ethical behavior, and respectful treatment of people. With this successful heritage, DuPont begins its third century as a global industrial leader committed to putting science to work to help make the world a better place in which to live.