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Sustainability continues
DuPont Vietnam Plants 2,000 Trees in Mekong Delta

As supporting efforts to involve employees and communities to the DuPont Sustainability Goals, DuPont Vietnam launched a tree planting project in My Phu village, Thu Thua district, Long An province with the participation of local authorities, residents and DuPont staff. This project aims to enhance green areas by populating parks, schools and roadsides of 17 communities in 3 provinces along Mekong delta with a variety of 2,120 indigenous trees. The project is also in response to the Vietnam government’s campaign on national tree-planting.

Supported by the DuPont Community Fund, this project has reflected the DuPont responsibility and consciousness on environmental conservation at where it operates.

Mr. Chau Hai Ngat, Chairman of People Committee of My Phu village, has highly appreciated the DuPont project and said, “On behalf of My Phu village, I would like to express my sincere thanks to DuPont for its environmental campaign which makes our community’s roadside and local surroundings more attractive and beautiful. These new green trees will improve the visual environment of our village with shade of trees for leisurely sitting and relaxation of the local people and students.”

“I am so delightful today to see the active collaboration of people, government and private organization that brings about the achievement of this project, which we hope will raise the awareness of the importance of trees and environmental conservation among the community”, said Mr. Le Dat Thanh, General Manager of DuPont Vietnam Limited.