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PFOA has been used as a polymerization processing aid by several manufacturers worldwide to produce fluoropolymers, which are high performance materials.  PFOA has also been found in trace amounts in some fluorotelomers as an unintended by-product. DuPont no longer uses PFOA in the manufacture of fluoropolymer-based products.

Product Safety

DuPont fluoropolymer and fluorotelomer products are safe for their intended uses and offer many benefits. These products meet health and safety requirements of regulatory authorities around the world.


Products made with fluoropolymers are used in many critical applications, which range from providing cable and internet service, and generating clean and renewable energy, to manufacturing more efficient and reliable vehicles.  They are also used in nonstick cookware that facilitates healthy cooking; and to design safe and high performance buildings, ships and aircraft; and lightweight, compact and affordable laptops, cell phones, media players and home theaters.

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Products made with fluorotelomers provide superior performance in extinguishing fires and provide soil, stain and grease repellency. In particular, fluorotelomers provide surface protection for textiles, leather, stone and tile, and paper packaging. These products and applications bring consumers many benefits, which include ease of care, reduced maintenance, and extended life for a broad range of articles used every day.

In March 2008, DuPont announced new fluorotelomer products for repellents and surfactants that deliver maximum performance with minimal environmental footprint. The new DuPont™ Capstone® repellents and surfactants are based on short-chain chemistry that cannot break down to PFOA and that meet the goals of the U.S. EPA 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Program. The products are commercially available for home furnishings, fire fighting foam, fluorosurfactants, and other end uses.

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