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DuPont™ Bynel® and Fusabond® resins used in packaging, adhesives, plastics

SHENZHEN, China – March 11, 2005 - DuPont hosted an opening ceremony for its Bynel® and Fusabond® adhesive resins production facility in Shenzhen today.

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It is the first DuPont ethylene copolymer manufacturing operation in Asia Pacific, intended to meet burgeoning demand for adhesive resins in China and the region.

The packaging industry and polymer modification are fast growing sectors in China.  DuPont™ Bynel® and DuPont™ Fusabond® adhesive resins are specialty products applicable to a wide range of packaging and industrial applications, such as building panels, pipe coating, flexible packaging and polymer modification.

Mr. Craig Binetti, Vice President & General Manager of DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, delivered a warm speech in the ceremony. "As a major player in the packaging and industrial polymers industry, DuPont focuses on meeting the worldwide demand for productive, high performance polymers. Our aim is to offer systems and solutions through DuPont expertise in technology and materials science. We would like to do all this while being closer to key growth markets like Asia Pacific and more specifically in China."

"The new facilities in China represent the continued commitment of DuPont to the market for adhesive resins." Mr. Pierrick Le- Gallo, Managing Director of DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, Asia Pacific said in a speech. "The facilities in China replicate existing facilities for Bynel® and Fusabond® resins in North America with the same process equipment, standard operating procedures, specifications and quality control processes. Materials used for production of Bynel® and Fusabond® at Shenzhen will be those approved for use globally. Such approach allows full product interchangeability globally as well as establishing Shenzhen as a fully ISO 9001 certified site only few months after completion of the construction."

Double digit growth

 "We have been experiencing a double-digit growth in our business in China, I feel excited as well as proud of this achievement! Our mission is to be a reliable and committed partner and to move forward and grow with our customers in this vital market." Mr. Le-Gallo continued. "Adhesive resins from the new facilities will mainly supply China and Asia Pacific market. Only selected grades that maximize the supply capability to the Asia Pacific region will be produced in the newly opened facility."