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DuPont Packaging Awards for Innovation

20th DuPont Packaging Awards

WILMINGTON, Delaware, April 21, 2008

The 20th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation Fact Sheet

History and Goals:

  • The DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation is the packaging industry’s longest running, independently judged, global innovation awards program.
  • The first awards program was in 1986. The competition has recognized environmental achievements since 1989.
  • This year’s competition honors materials, processing, technology and service achievements that demonstrate progress toward sustainability while also meeting important market requirements for enhanced performance such as improved freshness, convenience and shelf appeal.

Judging Criteria

  • Entrants do not need to use DuPont materials in their products, processes or programs.
  • Jurors evaluated seven innovation factors: clean production; effective recovery; community/social benefit; enhanced performance; cost effective economics; responsible sourcing; and resource and energy optimization.

Leadership in Recognizing Sustainable Packaging Achievements:

Over the years, the Awards competition has honored many sustainability achievements. Some of the most significant firsts are:

1989 – Commercial bottles and egg cartons made from 100% recycled PET

1990 – Plastic bag recycling programs

1991 – Brick-packs for source reduction and consumer convenience

1992 – Foamed food trays using ½ the amount of plastic as rigid trays

1992 – First food packaging with post-consumer recycled PET

1993 – Source reduction through introduction of concentrated/refill product

1995 – Package redesign to eliminate components, reducing materials use by more than 50%

1997 – 100% recyclable PET container for juice drinks

2004 – Compostable packaging made from renewable materials (PLA)

Innovations That Changed The Way We Eat:

Over the years, the Awards competition has honored many breakthroughs that contribute to consumer convenience, health and safety. Some of the firsts that are now part of our culture are:

1986 – First plastic can for retorted foods; first all-plastic microwavable, reheatable food packaging, first pre-packaged, fully-cooked meat available in the supermarket

1989 – First breathable packaging for fresh produce

1991 – First oven-safe bake-in-the-bag for turkeys

1995 – 100% natural fruit juices in single-portion flexible pouches

2001 – Easy-open vacuum-sealed pouch for tuna replacing metal cans

2002 – Enhanced freshness for refrigerated prepared pasta; soup on-the-go in sippable cups

2003 – Tear-open, zipper-packed shredded cheeses

2004 – Ready-to-drink, reclosable nutritional supplements

2006 – Reclosable, resealable cookie packs

20th DuPont Awards Announcement:

  • The call for entries was announced on September 26, 2007, at the Sustainable Packaging Forum in Pittsburgh, PA, by William F. Weber, Vice President, DuPont Packaging.
  • Nearly eighty entries were received from the Americas, Europe and Asia

20th DuPont Awards Judging & Jurors:

The entries were reviewed and judged in Wilmington, DE, the week of February 11, 2008, by a prestigious panel of international jurors.

  • John A. Bernardo, Manager, Sustainable Innovations LLC
  • Julian Carroll, Managing Director, European Organization for Packaging and the Environment
  • Sara Hartwell, Environmental Specialist, U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste
  • Masanobu Ishikawa, Ph.D., Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University
  • Mark Kitzis, Vice President of Research, Alcan Packaging
  • Jason Pearson, President and CEO, GreenBlue
  • Keith A. Pearson, President, World Packaging Organization, and Chairman, Institute of Packaging South Africa
  • Dr. Helene Roberts, Head of Packaging, Marks and Spencer PLC
  • Susan E. M. Selke, Ph.D., Professor & Acting Director, School of Packaging, Michigan State University
  • Brian F. Wagner, Vice President & CEO, Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions, LLC
  • Roger Zellner, Director of Sustainability, Kraft Foods

The DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation is the industry’s longest running, independently judged global awards program honoring packaging materials, processes, technology and service innovations. The 20th DuPont Awards has a special focus on recognizing innovations that demonstrate breakthrough achievements in sustainability.

DuPont - one of the first companies to publicly establish environmental goals 18 years ago - has broadened its sustainability commitments beyond internal footprint reduction to include market-driven targets for both revenue and research and development investment. The goals are tied directly to business growth, specifically to the development of safer and environmentally improved new products for key global markets.

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DuPont is a science-based products and services company. Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Operating in more than 70 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture and food, building and construction, communications, and transportation.

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