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DuPont Packaging Graphics


Neu-Isenburg, Germany, 3 June 2008

DuPont Packaging Graphics --- Packaging the Future

Thirty-five Years of Innovative Solutions for the Package Printing Industry

DuPont Packaging Graphics has been packaging the future for more than 30 years by working with customers to develop products and processes that improve quality and productivity and reduce the environmental impact of flexographic platemaking.  In addition to its portfolio of innovative products and systems, the company supports professional development in the industry through its active support of educational institutions and trade associations, as well as its eight fully-equipped and staffed Customer Technology Centers around the world.

DuPont Packaging Graphics has registered more than 600 patents worldwide since the 1974 introduction of DuPont™ Cyrel®, the first commercial system to produce photopolymer printing plates. This revolutionary technology, along with improvements in inks, anilox rolls, presses and substrates, demonstrated that flexographic printing was capable of far more than simple line colors.

In 1995, DuPont brought flexo into the digital age with the introduction of the Cyrel® Digital Imager (CDI) and Cyrel® digital plates.  The new digital technology provided a step-change improvement in productivity, consistency and print quality, while reducing the overall process cost and footprint by eliminating the film used in analog conventional flexo platemaking. The recent installation of EskoArtwork CDI #1000 is testimony to the broad acceptance of this workflow.

In 2000, DuPont Packaging Graphics introduced Cyrel® FAST, its solvent-free platemaking process for flexographic printing. By eliminating solvents, DuPont brought to market a system that lowers energy consumption, emissions and waste stream impacts. This rapid-access platemaking system reduces total plate production time to less than one hour by eliminating the washout and the subsequent drying steps. This technology also has significant benefits on press, with customers reporting reduced make-ready, longer plate life and higher press speeds resulting from the very uniform Cyrel® FAST plates.

In 2004, DuPont introduced the Cyrel® round system – a continuous print sleeve designed to further improve productivity, consistency and quality through the elimination of the mounting and registration challenges associated with flat plates. DuPont supplies an integrated solution that includes the Cyrel® round sleeves as well as the necessary equipment used to process them.

At Drupa 2008, DuPont Packaging Graphics demonstrated its most recent innovations: Cyrel® FAST round, a flexographic sleeve production system for high-quality flexible packaging, and two new digital “in position” workflows for the corrugated industry. Cyrel® FAST round, incorporating both Cyrel® FAST and Cyrel® round technology, is an easy-to-use equipment and print form combination that eliminates solvents, delivers a continuous flexo form for high-quality precision printing and offers rapid turnaround times for improved productivity.  The two corrugated digital workflows are designed to support the ongoing transition to computer to plate (CTP) systems in the corrugated industry.

Also at Drupa 2008, DuPont Packaging Graphics reviewed findings from two Life Cycle Assessment studies, one comparing the environmental impact of the gravure printing process to the flexographic printing process, and the other comparing the environmental impact of solvent plate processing to thermal plate processing. Preliminary findings indicated that the flexo process consumes less non-renewable energy and produces fewer greenhouse gasses when compared to gravure and that the thermal platemaking process consumes less non-renewable energy and produces fewer greenhouse gases in total when compared to solvent platemaking processes.

DuPont Packaging Graphics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of flexographic printing systems in digital and conventional formats; including Cyrel® brand photopolymer plates, Cyrel® FAST processing equipment, Cyrel® round sleeves, mounting and finishing products

DuPont – one of the first companies to publicly establish environmental goals 18 years ago – has broadened its sustainability commitments beyond internal footprint reduction to include market-driven targets for both revenue and research and development investment. The goals are tied directly to business growth, specifically to the development of safer and environmentally improved new products for key global markets.

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