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WILMINGTON, Del, 16 April 2012

DuPont Packaging Graphics Spotlights Key Collaborations at drupa

ESKO, Inometa, DuPont and Others Team up for Success

Contacts: Ellen Pressley
+1 919-248-5598

DuPont Packaging Graphics (DuPont) is highlighting several key collaborations in a special exhibit in hall 8b/C24 at the upcoming drupa 2012 trade fair, to be held May 3 – 16 in Düsseldorf, Germany.  Print samples, demonstrations, tours and featured speakers will reveal how DuPont works across the package printing industry value chain to address technology needs and help customers achieve desired results consistent with their brand-building initiatives.

“All our new technologies utilize an inclusive innovation approach focused on speed, productivity, quality and sustainability to help our customers in the packaging industry succeed,” said Yunuen Sanchez, regional marketing manager, DuPont Packaging Graphics, Europe, Middle East & Africa. “Visitors to the booth will learn about the critical collaborations advancing technology through our special ‘Packaging Corner’ exhibit, where we will display numerous examples of the printing applications our customers utilize every day.  Working together, we can achieve superior results in the industry much faster than working separately.”

DuPont will be hosting flexo tours around the show to demonstrate first-hand how Cyrel® systems operate to improve speed and productivity, quality and sustainability by viewing flexo at work in other exhibitors’ booths.  These small group tours will start at the DuPont booth, and last approximately one hour.  A broad range of printed package samples will be shown, and representatives from several DuPont customers will be in the booth to talk about how they have used DuPont™ Cyrel® systems to solve their printing challenges.

Close collaborations with market-leading companies within the industry such as ESKO, Inometa and TMB also will be featured as they work with DuPont to help move technology innovation forward seamlessly and make it more widely accessible.

The ESKO booth is positioned next to the DuPont booth.  They will be featuring the DuPont™ Cyrel® CDI 4835 automated tradeshop workflow and a Kongsberg Cutting Table.  DuPont will be demonstrating a Cyrel® Digital Imager (CDI) 1450 Cantilever with UV-inline including flat top mode.  Together we will be demonstrating a range of offerings including a complete Cyrel® FAST Round workflow, a Cyrel® FAST workflow featuring an ESKO CDI, Cyrel® 3000 TD and Cyrel® DigiFlow workflow, with HD Flexo 2 and Cyrel® DigiFlow 2000 EC.  The Cyrel® FAST workflow featuring ESKO CDI and Cyrel® 3000 TD is our next generation Cyrel® FAST system.  This new thermal technology improves plate relief depth uniformity and overall development quality through innovative heat management and pressure application technologies.  It enables the base side of the plate to be cooled effectively.  This new technology also enables larger plate sizes (to 52” X 80”).  Without the collaboration between DuPont and ESKO, digital flexography would not exist as we know it today.

Inometa will be present in the DuPont booth with its line of customized adapters, and DuPont plans to demonstrate its multiple-sleeve mounting unit featuring Inometa adapters.  A TMB print deck will demonstrate the functionality of Inometa adapters and Cyrel® Round sleeves.

DuPont’s broad portfolio of packaging and printing products also will be featured.  Beyond Packaging Graphics, DuPont offers a range of substrate materials, Tyvek® nonwoven technology and Izon® anti-counterfeit technology.


DuPont Packaging Graphics
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