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Digital Cyrel® & Esko HD FLexo

HD Flexo, Cyrel® FAST DFQ and Cyrel® DPR 

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DuPont is working closely with EskoArtworks to optimize the performance and benefits of HD Flexo with digital DuPont® Cyrel®. The combination of Esko's High Resolution 4000 DPI imaging, HD Flexo and soon-to-be-released MicroCell screening plus the proven benefits of high resolution Cyrel® digital plates from DuPont will bring you:

  •  Unsurpassed sharpness and detail
  •  Fine highlights and vignettes
  •  Enhanced solid ink density

If you have HD Flexo, let DuPont application experts help you optimize it.

If you’re considering HD Flexo, work with us to test the capabilities.

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