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Cyrel® Digital flexo plate Imagers (CDI)

Since its introduction, the Cyrel® Digital Imager (CDI) has revolutionized the flexo printing industry with the most advanced digital flexo solutions. The success of the CDI family is the result of Esko’s customer- driven development and its long-term technology partnership with DuPont.

Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 2120 Cyrel® digital imager spark 2120A small footprint, entry-level priced Cyrel® Digital Imager. It is a dedicated digital flexo solution to smaller narrow web/label trade shops and converters who want to be competitive: digital plates that not only provide better print quality, but also consistent reprinted quality.

The Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 2120 uses plates up to 21” x 20” (533 x 508mm) and can image a full size plate in 16 minutes at 2000 ppi. The Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 2120 comes with EasyClamp, to securely hold down flexo plates of any thickness on the vacuum drum.

The Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 2120 is suitable to produce digital high-quality plates for tags and labels. It images with variable resolutions from 2000 to 2540 ppi, and is capable of screen rulings up to 200 lpi, with halftone imaging from 1-99%.

Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 2530Cyrel® digital imager spark 2530Addresses the folding carton and small volume flexo plate producers in general.

The Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 2530 images digital flexo plates up to 25” x 30” (635 x 762mm). It comes with an incorporated plate loading table similar to Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 4835 and a EasyClamp II drum for easier and faster plate loading.

With the EasyClamp drum tape to mount plates onto the drum is not needed. The clamp design allows separate front and tail plate loading, with a simple one-turn operation Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 2530 is equipped with a fiber laser and multiple beam optics for highest quality and productivity at low drum speed. The proven optical concept of the Cyrel® Digital Imager’s gives a maximum of reliability and consistency.

Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 4260Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 4260 Addresses the highest quality flexo applications, primarily in the flexible packaging and folding carton markets, with inroads also in corrugated.

With its larger size plates and impressive productivity, but yet entry-level price, this device fits the demands of tradeshops and converters. The device images digital flexo plates up to 42” x 60” (1067 x 1524 mm). It perfectly fits to a thermal processor like the DuPont Cyrel Fast 4260 or runs in front of any solvent processing equipment.

Four productivity levels are available for the Cyrel® Digital Imager 4260, and with Optics 80 this Cyrel® Digital Imager addresses the highest throughput, flexibility and reliability needs.

This Optics 80 productivity feature provides record throughput of up to 8.0 m²/hr thanks to a high-reliability fiber laser with multibeam optics offering fully variable resolution imaging. In just 12 minutes, it images a full size 42” x 60” / 1067 x 1524 mm plate of arbitrary thickness.

Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 4835Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 4835 The Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 4835 images digital flexo plates up to 48” x 35” (1200 x 900 mm).

This digital flexo imaging device addresses the small and medium volume label and folding carton flexo plate makers and converters.

The Cyrel DI Spark 4835 features:
- High-speed, high-reliability fiber laser with multi-beam optics
- Speed options ranging from 1.5 to 4.0 m²/hr
- Integrated plate loading table with the EasyClamp II drum

Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 5080Cyrel® Digital Imager 5080 The Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 5080 is a full-sized flexo imager able to produce larger format price-effective plates for corrugated converters.

The EskoArworks Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 5080 runs all digital flexo plates as large as 50” x 80” (1270x2032mm) and as thick as 7.35mm (a little larger than 1/4 inch). Full format plates or ablative film, or partial plates of any size can be imaged.

The EskoArworks Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 5080 has also been designed with enhanced ergonomics. Loading and unloading of large, thick plates is assisted by an air-supported loading table that makes it easy to move plates in place-securing them in place is just as easy with the Esko EasyClamp III pneumatic clamp. When the EskoArworks Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 5080 is installed with an Optics 80 laser system, full sized plates can be imaged in just 19 minutes at 2540 dpi. Image quality is exceptional, with resolutions of 2,000-4,000 ppi, capable of printing up to 200 lpi screens and 1-99% dots.