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DuPont Packaging Graphics

Flexographic Photopolymer Sleeves

DuPont&trade Cyrel® round sleevesDuPont Packaging Graphics is expanding the opportunity for flexo within the packaging industry with the commercial introduction of DuPont™ Cyrel® round, the latest digital technology for flexographic printing sleeve production.

Cyrel® round is the final step in the continuing effort to make flexo the most broadly capable printing process for the needs of the packaging market. Cyrel® round is a complete digital sleeve production solution, consisting of a family of ‘ready-to-image’ printing sleeves, supported by complementary equipment for UV Exposure, processing, drying and finishing.

DuPont™ Cyrel® round Classic Cyrel® round Classic is a newly developed photopolymer sleeve that is ideal for very high quality printing, particularly on critical materials. In addition Cyrel® round Classic can also be used successfully for halftone printing.
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DuPont™ Cyrel® round ThinCyrel® round Thin is a newly developed photopolymer sleeve that is ideal for very high quality printing. Combined with a compressible adapter sleeve Cyrel® round Thin creates the perfect compromise between low dot gain and solid coverage.
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Sleeve ImagingThe EskoArtworks - Cyrel® Digital Imager Compact with Sleeve Option (mandrel exchange or cantilever) is a productive solution for mid-web sleeve formats. This offers highest productivity thanks to seamless sleeve imaging and the Seamless Screens solutions offered by the EskoArtworks FlexRip. In just 4 minutes and 30 seconds a sleeve with 600mm repeat and 1000mm length will be imaged (Optics 40, 50% SuperSkip zones). &#

Cantilever Sleeve Option

  • The exchangeable cantilever arm and an automated tailstock is a system that allows one operator to easily change a sleeve without additional tools.
  • The new cantilever sleeve system of the Cyrel® Digital Imager Compact allows fastest and smoothest sleeve handling to maximize productivity.