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Flexo Glossary

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- L -

Latitude The range of exposure within which a film or plate will produce a negative or positive image of satisfactory quality.

Light Finishing Detacking of plate surface by short wavelength UV germicidal light exposure.

Light Intensity The amount of light energy transmitted.

Line Copy (Linework) Copy made up of solids and lines in contrast to halftones or shadings made up of a series of dots. Any copy suitable for reproduction without using a halftone screen.

LPI lines per inch See Screen Ruling .

- M -

MagentaOne of the subtractive primaries the hue of which is used for one of the 4-colour process inks. It reflects or transmits blue and red light and absorbs green light.

Main ExposureUV light exposure of the plate through a film negative to form the printing image.

MandrelA shaft upon which cylinders, sleeves or other devices, are mounted or affixed.

MaskAn opaque material used to protect open or selected areas of a printing plate during exposure.

MaskingDifferential exposure of the plate image to balance fine copy with critical reverses or process color imaging; need for masking is determined by plate exposure latitude.

Masking StripsAn opaque material, matted or air channeled surface to allow air to escape. This assists in vacuum drawdown.

Material Safety Data SheetSee MSDS

Matte (Dull) FinishA finish with low gloss. With respect to coated box paper, a finish with a gloss test less than 55%.

Matte Film A graphic arts film containing a fine particulate coating to facilitate achievement of a uniform vacuum during the imaging of analog photopolymer flexo plates.

Micrometer An instrument for measurement in terms of minute dimensions.

Moiré An interference pattern caused by the out of register overlap of two or more regular patterns such as dots or lines. In flexographic printing, it can be caused by incorrect relative screen of the anilox rolls and halftone plate. Screen angles are selected to minimize this pattern.

Monomer A chemical combination of molecules corresponding to the individual units of a polymer. It is capable of being incorporated (polymerized) into polymers.

Mottle A speckled, indistinctly spotted, or uneven appearance of printing (as in an ink lay), mostly in solid areas. Attributable to various causes.

Mounting Equipment Device for accurately positioning plates to the plate cylinder.

Mounting The process of affixing plates on a cylinder or base in proper position to register color to color as well as to the wrapper or bag to be printed.

MSDS Material safety data sheet. In the United States, OSHA has established guidelines for the descriptive data that should be concisely provided on a data sheet to serve as the basis for written hazard-communication programs. The thrust of the law is to have those who make, distribute, and use hazardous materials be responsible for effective communication.

Mylar® A clear, tough polymeric polyester. Produced in the form of a clear film.