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Flexo Glossary

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- T -

Thermal Development The process of creating a finished Flexographic printing plate using heat, rather that chemistry as a developing agent.  Cyrel®FAST was the world’s first Flexographic thermal plate development process.

Thermal plates Flexographic printing plates that are designed to be developed in a thermal plate processor. See solvent plates .

Thermal processor The machine used to develop (process) thermal flexo plates.

Thick plates See Deep Relief Plates .

Thin plates Plates of thickness 3.175mm/0.125" or less. + 25 micron/1.0 mil is the 3 sigma range for plate to plate uniformity within a production run. The uniformity within a single plate is +12 micron/ 0.5 mil .

TIR Total Indicated Runout refers to the practice of measuring printing cylinders, shafts, anilox rollers, etc., using a dial indicator to identify any variance. Measure variation around a cylinder surface at given locations. Readings are normally taken at the right, left and center of the cylinder, using a dial indicator mounted on a metal base under the cylinder. (Acceptable readings are < 0.0005" for high quality printing.)

Tone reproduction The relative density of every reproduced tone to the corresponding original density.

Transfer roll Plain roll rotating in contact with another plain roll transferring variable amounts of ink in and inking system.

Trapping The overlapping of various colors in a design to prevent their separating and not touching as a result of registration variables during printing. Also the condition of printing ink on ink or superimposing one color on another, in which the first-down ink film is sufficiently dry when the next one is printed over it to properly hide the first down color.

- U -

Ultraviolet (UV)Lights Generally fluorescent tubes that emit ultraviolet light rather than normal daylight tubes or incandescent lights

UndercutEngravings on which side-wall areas have been etched under the printing surface. The difference between the radius of the cylinder bearers and the cylinder body, to allow for plate and mounting tape thickness.

UV FilterA transparent material that absorbs light of certain wavelengths to modify the light that reaches sensitized material.