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New Cyrel® Flexo Plate Technologies Introduced

DuPont Packaging Graphics introduces new flexo digital plate technologies for solvent and thermal workflows. Specifically designed for the flexible packaging printer-converter, Cyrel® DSP (solvent) and Cyrel® DFP (thermal) performance plates feature superior solid ink density, long tonal range and good highlight dot performance.

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Cyrel® DFR is a next-generation high durometer digital thermal plate for package printers requiring a plate capable of holding the highest screen rulings, fine detail and the widest tonal range.

Lastly, DuPont offers a series of Cyrel® photopolymer varnishing plates. These plates are ideal for the offset printer who wants to apply varnish and effect inks precisely structured, ensuring high resolution and reliability. DuPont™ Cyrel® varnishing plates are available for all relevant processing systems, and unlike traditional rubber blankets, they provide very high resolution capabilities combined with very fast and reliable processing.

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