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SÜDPACK  Ochsenhausen, Germany 

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SÜDPACK headquartered in Ochsenhausen, Germany, was founded in 1964 as family-run company Alfred Remmele. In 2014, SÜDPACK is celebrating its 50th anniversary. With 1000 employees and branches in more than 30 countries, the company is a market and technology leader in the packing industry.

The SÜDPACK print portfolio includes high-quality flexographic printing in up to 10 colours, matte lacquer, printing on paper, interpass and surface printing, 2-sided repeat printing, and continuous printing of EAN codes on hard film.

Trident, U.K.  

Cyrel® DigiFlow 3000 ETL
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Trident and its parent company Sonoco comprise a $4.2 billion packaging organization that supports some of the world’s best known brands, such as Colgate Palmolive, Jack Daniels brands, William Grant Whiskies and more. Sonoco Trident’s clients for corrugated and flexible packaging expect them to bring new innovations that will meet their client’s quality standards, quickly and cost-effectively. Read case study to find out more.

Aleithe Haftetiketten GmbH, Wittenberg, Germany  

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Aleithe GmbH has turned to Cyrel® DFUV, the FAST plate specifically designed for UV inks, to save on high priced tag and label stock. DFUV has achieved exceptional quality, quickly with minimal waste. Read case study to find out more.

Marvaco, Ltd., Helsinki, Ulvila and Tampere in Finland  

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Marvaco is expanding beyond its borders in both Finland and Sweden, increasing its market share throughout Scandinavia and beyond. In order to continue to compete and grow, quality output is imperative without sacrificing productivity, and service and support remain crucial. In Finland, the quality of flexographic printing is already so exceptional that competing gravure technology is seldom used. Flexo is displacing gravure in Sweden as well, but the competition among flexographic printers remains fierce. Read case study to find out more.

Eitko, Szczecin, Poland  

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ETIKO Co. Ltd. (Etico) is a flexographic printing business focused on modern label production. Today’s customers expect to see unique and eye-catching packaging on market shelves. Therefore the quality of the final product and label increasingly plays a much more important role. To fullfill its customers’ present and future expectations in terms of quality and lead times, Etiko invested in a new DuPont™ Cyrel® DigiFlow 1000 ECLF, that would allow it to create flat top dots when needed. Read case study to find out more.

Industry Segment Food, cosmetics, household and cosmetics
Cyrel® Products DuPont™ Cyrel® DigiFlow 1000 ECLF, DuPont™ Cyrel® 1000 P, Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 2530 with Pixel+
Customer Requirements High-quality labels | 1:1 Image reproduction | Time-to-market

siba, Lörach, Germany  

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Media Pickup by: Flexo Gravure Int'l
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From 0 to 12 in six months: This could be used as a brief description of the successful founding of siba, a flexographic service provider in Lörrach, Germany. This young service company is an absolute entrepreneurial exception. The three founders and current partners in the company, Matthias Buergin, Ralph Simon and Jörg Ambrosius, have brought about a company launch that has yet to be matched. Just six months after getting started, siba already employs a staff of 12 and continues to grow.

Industry Segment Food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical field
Cyrel® Products Cyrel® FAST 1000 TD, Cyrel® 1000 ECLF, EskoArwork Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 4835
Customer Requirements High-Quality | Time-to-Market | Sustainability

MM Graphia Innovaprint, Bielefeld, Germany  

Langen Kaffee
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This flexographic printing company applies all innovations available to increase product quality and the cost effectiveness of its production. This means using Cyrel® round sleeves from DuPont, a technology with which MM Graphia Innovaprint has had excellent experience in recent years.

Industry Segment Tobacco, tea/food, confectionary and FMCG
Cyrel® Products Cyrel® round sleeves (Classic and Thin)
Customer Requirements High Quality | Price-Performance-Ratio | Product Deliverability

Nordenia, Halle, Germany  

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Why did the company choose to use the current Cyrel® products from DuPont? Hans-Heinrich Wiele comments: “Cyrel® products offer us the best quality currently available and seamless integration into our existing system, such as the anilox rolls we have.

Industry Segment Flexible Packaging, animal feed, cosmetic, health, foodstuffs, laundry detergents, sanitary
Cyrel® Products Cyrel® round sleeves (Thin)
Customer Requirements High Quality | Easy Handling | Seamless Integration in existing systems | Fast Delivery

Langen Kaffee, Medebach, Germany  

Langen Kaffee
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Langen Kaffee, in Germany’s Hanseatic town of Medebach, had been looking for an economical solution for packaging printing of its product and sample goods, which were generally produced on a smaller scale. The aim was to improve the appearance and print quality of the products. The roastery Langen Kaffee is a premium provider of coffee that values excellent quality and individuality of the coffee over quantity.

Industry Segment Flexible Packaging
Cyrel® Products Cyrel® FAST round sleeves
Customer Requirements High Quality | Fast Theme Change | Low Investment

Diflex, Madrid, Spain  

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Diflex installed a new DuPont™ Cyrel® round with the primary aim of meet the needs of the ever evolving packaging printing sector and with the wish to capture business opportunities beyond the traditional reach of flexo printing.

Industry Segment Flexible packaging, tag & label, folding carton, tissue, wallpaper
Cyrel® Products Cyrel® 2000P, Cyrel® 1000 ECLF, Cyrel® round
Customer Requirements High-Quality | Time-to-Market | Sustainability

Flex-Punkt, Steinhagen-Brockhagen, Germany  

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Flex-Punkt, located in the west of Germany, has found excellent leverage for winning over new customers in the flexography market with DuPont™ Cyrel® round technology.

Industry Segment Flexible packaging, shrink film for beverages, tissue
Cyrel® Products Cyrel® round sleeves (Classic and Thin)
Customer Requirements High-Quality | Reliability | Time-to-Market

SPS Etiket, Istanbul, Turkey  

SPS Etiket
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Thanks to a yearly growth rate of 10% - 12% (4 times the rate in Western Europe), and to a large number of modern plants equipped with state-of-the-art systems, Turkey is certainly one of the most emerging markets in packaging printing.

Industry Segment Wet Towel Wipes, Medical Products, Cleaning Products, Textile and White labels
Cyrel® Products Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 2530, DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST 1000 TD, Cyrel® FAST 1000 ECLF
Customer Requirements High-Quality | Reliability | Time-to-Market

Médialliance, France  

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Totally committed to sustainable development, Casino Group has approved DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST flexo plate technology for the printing of its films and labels.

Industry Segment Multi-Layer Film, Tag & Label, FMCG
Cyrel® Products Cyrel® FAST plates
Customer Requirements Fast Running Speed | Sustainability | Quick Color Pick-Up

PromoPak, Derby, United Kingdom  

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Today’s Packaging Industry is under increasing pressure for more 'environmentally smart' packaging. UK tradeshop, Promopack ( have repeatedly invested in new technology over the last few years to help printers, retailers and brand owners to respond to the increasing demands from consumers, politicians and pressure groups.

Industry Segment Wide Width Flexo
Cyrel® Products Cyrel® FAST TD4260, Cyrel® 2000ECLF, EskoArtwork Cyrel® Digital Imager Spark 4260
Customer Requirements Sustainability

NetPack, Cesena, Italy  

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At the end of 2005, the company started a development program that would have as a major goal the overall speed up of the platemaking process and a reduction ecological footprint of its industrial processes. They found in DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST system the unique solution to their needs.

Industry Segment Flexible Packaging, Food Industry
Cyrel® Products EskoArtwork Cyrel® Digital Imager 5080, DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST 1000TD, DuPont™ Microflex®
Customer Requirements Speed | Sustainability | Reliability | Quality