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Neu-Isenburg, Germany, 03 June 2008

Flexo Education Enrichment: an essential element to effective development of the packaging industry

Committed to flexo packaging printing success, DuPont supports schools and universities around the world

DuPont Packaging Graphics, a global science and innovation leader, contributes significant financial and equipment resources to schools, colleges and universities providing flexo education in many regions of the world. In addition, many DuPont specialists, experts in their fields, provide lecture material and devote their time to tutor and mentor students at the educational institutions.

Committed to excellence in education, DuPont developed the Cyrel® flexo education curriculum based on the deep technical knowledge of the company’s application specialists and research and development scientists. Designed to advance flexographic education, the DuPont program offers educators the opportunity to investigate new teaching approaches for existing material or to develop entirely new flexo courses.

The flexo course programs offered by the institutions that cooperate with DuPont Packaging Graphics are designed to give students access to an advanced printing education. The programs provide students with the opportunity to experience in-depth investigation and discussion of flexographic printing through innovative teaching that encourages students to become active participants in their education.

“We know that as the talent level matures at tradeshops, printers and converters, the flexo package printing market advances. Knowledge and experience, through education, are the tools by which people gain mastery over issues and opportunities. In package printing the move toward automation and technology is especially evident and the jobs require solid education. A vocational training is often the minimum – and, in many cases, college, high school or university education is also needed,” said John McCooey, global marketing manager, DuPont Packaging Graphics.

The packaging industry is facing some big challenges - and big opportunities. Flexographic printing has the potential to increase the productivity of printers and converters, reduce errors and improve the quality of package printing. It is one of the fastest growing printing technologies, in both developed and emerging markets.

“The complexities of flexo printing can be adequately addressed only through a comprehensive education program. Those who enable the success of flexo package printing through innovation, technology and education will benefit greatly from a well-trained workforce. Among DuPont education initiatives of the last decade were several projects that made substantial contributions to the flexo industry in emerging economies. The Moscow University in Russia, the Marmara University in Turkey and the SIES School of Packaging in India, are notable examples,” added Mr. McCooey.

Modern printing technology and the growing industry’s needs demand skilled professionals. Printing education, continuous development, and a full roster of educational institutions willing to support flexographers in their search for knowledge, experience and know-how are essential if the industry is to meet its challenges and capitalize on its opportunities. Basic education is essential for young packaging professionals, while advanced learning and up-to-date information is vital for experienced flexographers.

Committed to innovation in its products and services, as well as its educational support, DuPont Packaging Graphics has been granted more than 600 patents for flexographic photopolymer plates, equipment and processes. Sharing its expertise with Flexo educational institutions around the world is one way that DuPont is advancing flexography and leading flexo packaging printing into the future.


DuPont Packaging Graphics ( is a global leading supplier of flexographic printing systems in digital and conventional formats; including Cyrel® brand photopolymer plates, Cyrel® FAST processing equipment, Cyrel® round sleeves, mounting and finishing products

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