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Benefits of Cyrel® FAST

Flexible Packaging & Tag & Label

Cyrel® FAST

Very fast processingThe complete hardware and consumable solution

  • Reliable and standardized system
  • Improved process control, product quality & consistency
  • Cut total plate-production time by 75 percent
  • Increased plate making productivity by 30 percent without additional staff
  • Increased competitiveness vs. conventional plate making

Cost savingIn operations and maintenance: Solvent Recycling; Press cleaning

  • Associated to Lower Energy Consumption
  • Up to 15% less plate consumption compared to conventional plate making
  • Reduced waste treatment and disposal cost due to the Solvent free process
  • Reduce overtime and express shipments by widening the production window before carrier cut off
  •  Eliminate the cost of spot-buying finished plates from outside sources
  • In case of UV inks – removal of all organic solvents - Cost savings from reduced waste treatment and disposal cost

SustainabilityThe smallest environmental footprint

  • Cyrel®  FAST saves up to 51% greenhouse gases
  • Cyrel®  FAST saves up to 60% non-renewable energy consumption 
  • Continued compliance with the increasing requirements of environmental legislation
  • Better Health & Safety compared to solvent plate making

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Increased press performancesCyrel® FAST reliability of the print form has a significant impact on the productivity of flexographic printing presses

  • Improved press set-up times, higher press speed & long life of the print form due to better thickness uniformity of the printing plate & superior ink resistance.
  • Cyrel® FAST reduces replacement of plate damaged to 1 hour
  • Cyrel® FAST contributes to the success of standardized ink systems

Open new business opportunitiesFlexography has enjoyed substantial growth in the flexible packaging and tag & label market over the last 20 years due to economic advantage and continuous process improvement

  • Cyrel® FAST is the industry benchmark in Europe for Tag & Label
  • Improved opportunities for positive marketing features leading to increased sales by marketing the environmental friendly workflow