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Cyrel® FAST – the workflow solution with the smallest environmental and physical footprint

Cyrel® FAST the sustainable effective platemaking solution from DuPont

DuPont Packaging Graphics aims at meeting the sustainability and productivity needs of Flexography with its science and technology- driven solutions.

The DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST solution is a complete plate production system, consisting of a family of Cyrel® plates, supported by complementary DuPont equipment for UV exposure, processing and finishing, available for the analogue or digital workflow. 

 Cyrel® FAST digital and analog plates 

Cyrel® FAST analog plates


Cyrel® FAST Digital PlatesThe volume of DuPont™ Cyrel® digital printing plates in use is constantly increasing every year. Flexographers of all segments are taking advantage from the productive, economic and quality benefits of a fully digital workflow. All Cyrel® FAST plates have the benefit of very fast access and do not require any solvents or additional drying requirements. »  Learn More

Cyrel® FAST plates are also available as analogue products.  »  Learn More

Cyrel® FAST thermal platemaking equipment    Cyrel® FAST Platemaking EquipmentCyrel® FAST uses a dry thermal technology for plate development, completely removing conventional solvents and aqueous washout solutions. In addition to the obvious environmental and health gain, it also reduces the plate processing times by up to 75%. »  Learn More

Cyrel® FAST benefits for tag and label anf flexibile packaging    Cyrel® FAST Benefits Overview of benefits for flexible packaging and tag & label.
»  Learn More