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For the tradeshop, who wants to capture new business opportunities beyond the traditional reach of flexo printing, DuPont™ Cyrel® round is an easy to use hardware and consumable solution that delivers high precision continuous flexo forms.

Unlike other continuous printing solutions in the packaging industry Cyrel® round provides a reliable standardized system combining high productivity with the shortest turn around time.

Open new business opportunities Cyrel® round allows the tradeshop to capture new business opportunities for photopolymer flexo print forms, which so far have been served by rotogravure or by direct engraved rubber or elastomer print forms.

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Complete hardware and consumable solution Cyrel® round is a complete hardware and consumable solution, which is backed up by a comprehensive support and service organisation.

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Reliable and standardized system With Cyrel® FAST round the production of a complete set of print forms can be produced directly from digital data in less than 2 hours. Eliminating the cumbersome mounting step with printing plates, the high precision and reliability of the Cyrel® round print forms result in short set-up times of the printing press and quick acceptance test. This leads to the shortest turn around time from design to final package in the industry.

Being introduced and backed up by DuPont - the leading supplier of flexo print forms - Cyrel® round is already recognized by converters and packaging buyers not as a niche solution but as the next step in the evolution of flexo printing.

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Smallest environmental footprint With Cyrel® FAST round the speed and ease of processing go together with a particularly low environmental footprint. Contrary to conventional solvent processing thermally processed Cyrel® FAST round sleeves avoid solvent emissions. This eliminates the energy intensive drying and solvent recovery steps and cuts the energy consumption by more than 50%.

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