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DuPont Packaging Graphics

Cyrel® Round the most innovative packaging printing solution from DuPont

DuPont Packaging Graphics aims to meet the needs of today’s evolving packaging printing sector with its science and technology-driven solutions.

For the flexographic packaging professionals, who want to capture new business opportunities beyond the traditional reach of flexo printing, DuPont™ Cyrel® Round is an easy to use hardware and consumable solution that delivers a continuous print flexo sleeve optimized for precision printing and improved productivity.

Unlike other continuous printing solutions in the packaging industry, Cyrel® Round provides a reliable and standardized system with the shortest turn around time from design to final package, fully supporting the sustainability expectations of  brand owners and assisting with their ‘Time to Market’ goals.

Modern servo-driven flexo printing presses equipped with sleeves job-change technology, gearless and controlled printing pressures are ideal to print with Cyrel® Round sleeves on almost any type of substrates including critical materials with varying thickness.

“At DuPont, we believe that digital and round technologies meet best our customers’ present and future needs. We will continue with our mission of Advancing Flexography by further investing in the development of Cyrel® Round, the perfect match to gravure in terms of quality and reliability, with the added advantage of faster response times and greater flexibility.” Pier Luigi Sassanelli, Marketing Manager DuPont Packaging Graphics EMEA.