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Solvent Processing System

Cyrel® solvent round – Equipment

Cyrel® Digital Imager (CDI) CantileverThe Cyrel® solvent round system delivers highly precise registration, eye-catching print quality. Using an easy five-step process, the Cyrel® sleeve mask is ablated by the Cyrel® Digital Imager (CDI) Cantilever laser, exposed and developed in the solvent based Cyrel® solvent round equipment.


Cyrel® Digital Imager Cantilever with Sleeve OptionSleeve Imaging  
The EskoArtwork - Cyrel® Digital Imager Cantilever with Sleeve Option (mandrel exchange or cantilever) is a productive solution for all sleeve formats, including Cyrel® solvent round and Cyrel® FAST round. This offers highest productivity thanks to seamless sleeve imaging and the Seamless Screens solutions offered by the EskoArtwork FlexRip.

Cantilever Sleeve
The exchangeable cantilever arm and an automated tailstock is a system that allows one operator to easily change a sleeve without additional tools. The new cantilever sleeve system of the Cyrel® Digital Imager Compact allows fastest and smoothest sleeve handling to maximize productivity.

Cyrel® round Exposure UnitCyrel® solvent round Exposure Unit

  • The main exposure unit is a separate stand alone unit. This allows a optimized workflow in case plate for plate-on-sleeve are processed
  • The unit detects the sleeve dimensions automatically and adjusts itself to the different sleeve diameters. This guaranties stable exposure conditions and repeatable high quality results

Cyrel® roound Inline ProcessorCyrel® solvent round In line Processor, Drying, Light Finisher

  • The Cyrel® solvent round Inliner is by far the most successful solvent processor worldwide for polymer sleeves. It can be used to process Cyrel® solvent round sleeves and Cyrel® plates.
  • The In-line process requires minimum operator intervention.
  • After the UV exposure in the separate exposure unit, processing, drying, post exposure and finishing are done fully automated.
  • The unit has a user friendly, easy to understand operator interface
  • The touch panel is simple and allows full process control

Cyrel® round solvent equipment system


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