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Cyrel® round solvent system DuPont Packaging Graphics accelerated the influence of flexo within the packaging industry by bringing Cyrel® solvent round technology to a wider audience and making it a benchmark for flexo today.

Cyrel® solvent round eliminates the final hurdle in flexo‘s drive to become the number one printing process for packaging.


  • Complete digital sleeve production solution
  • Family of 'ready-to-image' printing sleeves
  • Complementary equipment for UV Exposure, solvent processing, drying and finishing
  • Combines the flexibility, speed, and efficiency of flexo-printing with the precision and reliability of gravure

Over the last few years flexo quality has increased dramatically, due mainly to pioneering work by DuPont on digital imaging workflows. Digital Cyrel® round moves these developments one step closer to perfection, delivering improved precision and productivity – a match for gravure with faster response times.

The Cyrel® solvent round system is an important step forward for packaging printers and plate makers. Cyrel® round sleeves are light, durable and easy to handle. It provides excellent quality and consistency as well as productivity.

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