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Cyrel® FAST round Thermal Processing System

Cyrel® FAST round – Sleeves

Cyrel® FAST round sleeve High-quality flexible packaging has a natural fit with Cyrel® FAST round seamless photopolymer sleeves, and they are ideally suited to projects requiring continuous design repeats or complex nested-mounting.

Although designed primarily to outperform other continuous print forms, Cyrel® FAST round sleeves also provide an effective alternative to mounted flat plates for demanding tight register jobs and those brought back to press for successive print runs. Compared to a printing plate, a sleeve is always imaged and processed in the correct position without distortion resulting in highly accurate registration.

The Cyrel® FAST round sleeves perform well with flexible packaging and folding carton substrates as well as rougher materials like tissue and wallpaper. 

DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST round Classic
Cyrel® FAST round Classic is a newly developed photopolymer sleeve that is ideal for high quality printing, particularly on rougher materials including halftone printing.

Cyrel® round Classic 

DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST round Thin
Cyrel® FAST round Thin is a newly developed photopolymer sleeve that is ideal for very high quality printing. Combined with a compressible adapter sleeve Cyrel® FAST round Thin creates the perfect balance between low dot gain and solid coverage.
Cyrel® round Thin 

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